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    Hello all,

    I’ve created a website for my own company with the following premium theme Coreconsult.

    I have on issue on the mobile version and unfortunately the theme editor doesn’t help me at all, so maybe someone here could give me some clues.

    I have a menu with parent and children items, exactly like in the theme demo here.

    On the desktop version, the dropdown menu opens when we hover or click on it (depending on the theme settings): this works fine. For example in the theme demo, when you click on “About”, the children items appear.

    On a mobile phone, you have to touch the arrow to open the dropdown. If you touch the text of the parent item, nothing happens (no dropdown). For many users this is not clear and they just think that the website doesn’t work properly.

    I’m looking for a way that we can open the dropdown on a mobile phone by touching the words, and not only on the arrow at the right. Unfortunately I have no idea if this can be done by adding a custom css code, modifiying some files, or another solution?

    If someone can give me some ideas, it would be very appreciated :)




    That would be for a self-hosted site, which we really can’t help with here.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities: has complete documentation for self-hosted/installed versions of at and support at

    And, you can find support for your theme at



    Indeed, I’m sorry for that.

    Thank you for your reply!


    Not sure about Coreconsult, but when use my cell to view my page, I had the same problem with the drop down menu. You are right, when you just click an item there…not much happens. Then I realized if I look to the FAR RIGHT, there were additional drop down arrows. Clicking them opens up additional posts, etc.



    For your info my issue has been solved by adding the following css code:

    .main-menu-toggle {
    	width: 100%;
    	text-align: right;
    	padding: 3px 8px;

    Solution provided on the following forum:

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