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    Is there a way to create a media library gallery?

    I’ve used the <B>very</b> cool tool to import my blogspot blog into this new WordPress one:

    It’s amazing that all the photos and even comments came along, and there are many things I vastly prefer in this world of WordPress. It’s so much smoother, I’m actually blogging more often.

    I’d like to have a gallery of all the images on my blog, so that visitors could browse visually in addition to the various text-based options. This means using all the images imported from my other blog plus those added since I started this one. All of those images are of course in my Media Library, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of displaying that for my visitors.

    I’ve read in various places that images only show up in a Gallery on the Post or Page they’re uploaded to. Yet I gather there’s also a way to Attach images to a Gallery elsewhere. This apparently works with the existing Media Library images.

    So far I’ve created a “Gallery” Page containing the short code [gallery], and renamed the link for that Page gallerypage because it defaulted to gallery-2 (presumably because gallery is invisibly used by WordPress). The only way I found to add existing images, whether attached or not, is to manually Insert them one at a time into my Gallery page from the Media Library.

    Is there a bulk method of attaching all of my Media Library images to my “Gallery” page?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello 4ja4u, Please refer to these FAQ » Search Results for: gallery

    Also » Share Photos with a¬†Slideshow



    Thanx for the quick reply, Slik. I’d already been perusing the FAQs but it’s all kinda fuzzy on this particular question of a Gallery containing everything in the Media Library. Maybe not a good idea in the long run, since it would end up being a very s.l.o.w page once my blog has accrued lots of photos. I was hoping to eventually figure out a way to subdivide it by date or something.

    Thanx also for the [slideshow] link! WOW!! :)

    I tried adding another gallery with the id set to * hoping it might then catch everything (it doesn’t). I didn’t see anything in Support or Forums on Gallery id, but eventually figured out to try searching on Page id and found this:
    “…To find the Page ID, go to Pages->Edit and hover over the title of the page. The status bar of your browser will display a URL with a numeric ID at the end. This is the page ID.”

    Too bad I apparently can’t use a wildcard like “*” but maybe there’s some way to do a string like “300…400”? Sure would be a cool way to enable more Gallery functionality for people willing to learn and use some text. I can well imagine why it would be a gnarly feature to add via menu options!



    If you use Monotone or Duotone themes, they have a gallery like that on the Archives page, but they are VERY limiting themes. You can see mine here:



    Big discovery (for little me): the include works with wildcards!

    [gallery include="*"]
    Shows five of my images. Apparently those uploaded to Pages & Posts after I moved the blog here. So now if I can find out how to get those older images to show up, I’ll have a gallery of everything. Then I’ll see if the include option works with [slideshow].



    Raincoaster, thanks for the headsup. I’m loathe to start over with a new theme, unless this new include thing bottoms out somehow. So cool that you’ve found another way to do it. Hopefully others looking for a way to create a “universal gallery” of their images will find this thread, and together we can figure out ways of doing it.



    At the present time you can’t insert photos that already exist in the Media Library into a Gallery, which is Post or Page specific. Presently the only way to create a Gallery as per the Support Doc is to upload the photos to the specific Post or Page you want them to appear in. You can then collect those Galleries to display on one Page. More info here

    Alternatively, you can create a gallery (small “g”) of images using an HTML table (in the HTML Editor) and inserting links to thumbnail images which then link either to a larger image or an attachment page.This way you can include all images presently in your Media Library, but you are right in that it would be a very large page, so break it up with pagination.



    I haven’t yet figured out what’s special about those five images, but I’m about to log out for sleep and wanted to update this for anyone still online.

    First off, if you use the shortcode method of inserting a gallery or slideshow, be sure you’re in HTML edit mode (e.g. NOT Visual mode – the two tabs above the top-right corner of the edit Page/Post box). As you’ve probably noticed, I have two galleries on the page right now for experimentation: the top one a standard gallery that requires images be uploaded to that Page for them to show up, the bottom one using the include variable so pages show up via their id. The top one of course was empty until I manually inserted an image onto the Page (selecting the option at the top of the insert dialog to add it from the Media Library rather than the default of uploading from my computer), and after I deleted it from the Page it still shows in the Gallery. I’m a bit surprised the one added/deleted on the Page doesn’t show in the second one, but it’s probably another clue to how it all works. :)

    Second, most of the images are in fact imported from my previous blog so it’s not the new ones that are showing up. I note that the only new one (a square version of the oval image of us by Tripp that’s in my blog header), is not attached but the others seem to be (judging by that being the only one that shows up when I click Unattached in my Media Library).

    Third, [slideshow include="*"] doesn’t work. :(

    OK, in case some of this is making sense and you’d like details, below is the HTML from my gallerypage Gallery:

    Below is a gallery of the images on this blog. To see more, different and larger images visit our Photo Page. You’ll also find more words and pictures in John’s Edhat posts.
    <h1 style=”text-align:center;”>Gallery</h1>
    <p style=”padding-left:30px;text-align:center;”>Above is a Gallery of images (click to enlarge)</p>
    <p style=”padding-left:30px;text-align:center;”>[gallery include="*"]</p>



    JJ, thanks for the new stuff to check out when I’m on again!



    Just so you know, the Gallery (capital “G”) will only display photos you’ve uploaded to your blog. You can’t link to images hosted elsewhere, like flickr.

    However, using an HTML table you can link to outside photos to your heart’s content. Just remember, if the other site is slow or down, this will of course affect them appearing or not on your blog.




    Obsession never sleeps. :)

    I tried a few more ideas to figure out why those five show up, then discovered that the recent square version of us with Tripp was apparently the first image posted to the blog after creating it here to WordPress 4/29/2010. The other four are the next four apparently from the import of the old blog on 4/30/2010. All the other images from the other blog have the same date, but don’t show up. So just now I added the rand variable to the short code like this:
    [gallery include="*" orderby="rand"]
    So now I get five random images rather than the default sort by id. Now if I can figure out how to get the “*” wildcard to fetch more than five…

    But first I really need some sleep! |-)



    Thanks for clarifying about the external links. As you might have noticed, I’ve already used the Flickr widget to do that. I often upload pix to Edhat or this blog that don’t go on Flickr, so I’m looking for an easy way to get the Gallery feature working on those. Even having five random ones is a great start. Maybe with enough tinkering I can have one random and another that shows the most recent five. But I’m absolutely and sincerely going to bed rather than look for a variable to inverse sort by id. ;)

    G’night to you too.



    I haven’t found any way of fetching more than five images or getting orderby=”ID DESC” to work, so I’m just going random. That is, rather than try to predict which five images will show up from the wildcard include=”*” I’m going with the flow. Incidentally, the “?” wildcard works identically to “*” for include.

    It appears that “title DESC” gets a semi-random collection of recent stuff, and “rand” gets five from most of my blog’s full image collection. So I’ve created a Gallery of Fives with a row of five recent and a row of five random. If anyone finds out more about this, please share. Thanks again for all the help so far.

    Here is the latest version of the HTML on the page:

    Below are two selections of five images from this blog. First is a random selection of five recent images, and below that a random selection of five from the entire image collection here. To read about an image, click on it and then click the title text at the top-left. To see the largest version of an image, keep clicking on the image until it doesn’t get larger. To see more, different and larger images visit our Photo Page. You’ll also find more words and pictures in John’s Edhat posts.
    <p style=”text-align:center;”>Five Recent Images
    [gallery columns="5" orderby="title DESC, ID DESC" include="?"]</p>
    <p style=”text-align:center;”>Five Random Images
    [gallery columns="5" include="*" orderby="rand"]</p>

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