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    Would it be possible to add support for Markdown? I loathe to write HTML as it’s very clumsy to do so, and TinyMCE just produces very poor HTML.


    no friggin’ way, sorry.

    .com’s target audience is about WYSIWYG and hits only, not about simplified markup.

    have fun on or another Aaron’s project (currently abandoned).

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    While I appreciate what’s target audience and their requirements, but I find TinyMCE too unreliable in terms of the HTML it generates and its functionality, which 0sometimes depends on what order you do things and other stuff that shouldn’t matter.

    If TinyMCE was more reliable then I wouldn’t have any complaints, it’s just with Markdown I know what I’m getting at the end of the day, while with TinyMCE I have to check the HTML code. et al are not really the same thing though.

    The lack of Markdown is a shame for, and the main reason I don’t move my main blog over here.


    I apologize for Option’s overly harsh reply.

    Markdown is pretty cool, we used to bundle it with WordPress. One bummer about it is it’d be a lot more CPU intensive on our web servers. How would you feel if it was a paid upgrade?

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