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    So I have already contacted support (over 24 hours ago!) because I can’t map my domain to the blog. Getting this error: “This domain has already been mapped to a blog.”

    This is my only account, so not sure why this would even be an issue, but would love to have someone actually respond so we can get the site live.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member – is alive and well and mapped

    Primary Blog is Set is set as the primary domain for and will appear in the address bar when you visit the site. – is alive and well but not mapped –

    Which one did you want to map to?

    You can move the mapping and upgrades to a different blog if you want, or you can move the content from the not mapped blog to the mapped one if you want



    When I view “My Blogs” it is only showing me the one blog the If these two domains are mapped to two different places, I have no way to access the one the is going to.

    I have set as the domain in my account for the version, but when you type that into a url bar it takes you to a nowhere page instead of the homepage of the actual blog.

    The way we got to this situation was just by me, filling in the basic fields required to create a blog. I did nothing strange. I don’t know why the domain is pointing to a different place than the actual blog you gave me or why I can’t access that blog property.



    Here is the log-in for the Dashboard of the mapped domain



    When I log in there it just takes me to the property. And when I click “My Blogs” that is also the only blog I can access.

    But is going someplace totally different. It is going to a property that hasn’t been set-up. It needs to go to the property. The one that is set-up and has content. The one I have access to through my dmdwp account.



    you are using shorthand that is really confusing to me is the base mapped blog for – for a mapped domain name you always work in the base blog – you will never see in the working dashboard – that is the way domain mapping works is not set up the way you want because has not been configured

    As I said above – you can transfer the content (set up) or you can transfer the Upgrades – so things match up

    Me? I would transfer the content & Upgrade to which has the domain mapping upgrade on it – and I like the base cleaner name



    I have also flagged this for the staff, it looks like you might be able to get a refund on some duplicated items, judging from you having some customize upgrades on both blogs

    the staff can also move any upgrades if you don’t want to try that yourself



    Ok. Thank you for trying, but you are not helping. If you don’t know enough about domains and accounts to know what a property is, you can’t help me fix this. I need a real support person or expert ASAP. was an accident account created by the client to learn about We need the domain UNMAPPED FROM THAT ACCOUNT so we can map it to the correct account,

    We are ABSOLUTELY not transferring everything over to the mapped account. That would basically mean completely recreating the site from scratch, since you can’t do hardly anything on this platform but drop in content and set the homepage.

    We build this stuff from scratch everyday. Its not that I don’t understand WordPress or this Platform. Its that that platform isn’t giving me the option to do what I need to do as an advanced user.



    */**/////*** my response to your insults are redacted

    Then just transfer the domain mapping upgrade to that is one of the options I gave you above

    PS – the

    I need a real support person or expert ASAP.

    Will give you the same options I gave you above – the difference is they can move the upgrade if you don’t understand how to transfer an upgrade –



    We have the domain mapping upgrade on both accounts, but once a domain is mapped to one account, as a user, you can’t unmap as far as we can tell. And once it is mapped to on account, obviously, you can’t map it to two places.

    I I had no intention to be insulting. If it were simple, we would have done it already. I have an entire team of coders at my disposal. And we already have two tickets in to support about this which they haven’t felt the need to respond to for over 24 hours. This is my only other option. I am dealing with a client whose project is now 48 hours overdue for a major deadline. I am just trying to do whatever I can to get this resolved for them.



    You will need to work in both blogs Dashboard

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades of both blogs for the instructions below – note – you must be logged in as the EXACT account that owns the upgrades you will be working with >>

    Cancel any domain mapping upgrade if it is present >>

    Transfer the domain mapping for to

    The transfer is fairly straight forward

    That should give you mapped to

    the reply took so long but I needed to verify in my blogs that the buttons you need are there –

    if the above does not work you will need to wait for the staff – they are on a company wide meetup plotting how to rule the world or something like that – but they do check the forum here, however they are a bit backed up



    It looks like you transferred the domain mapping to the proper blog

    You be welcome for the help



    Hi there,

    It looks like auxclass gave you the instructions you needed to map your custom domain to the blog you want to use it with. If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know!

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