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    I am only just getting started and have a question. My website currently exists elsewhere (barely – the hosting company is in the process of destroying it). I need to create a new website before redirecting it to the new WordPress one. The page I am on ‘Map this domain to use it as your site address’ concerns me. Will it automatically redirect immediately? I am not yet even at the stage of picking which WP template to use.

    I don’t have a site with yet



    Hi there!

    You can create a site, take your time to build it, and then when everything is ready, configure your domain by connecting it to your site. Here are the instructions for it: (You’ll need a paid plan to connect your domain. You can see our plans and pricing here: )

    Your domain will not immediately start redirecting unless you make changes to the domain to actually point it to your site. I suggest not adding the domain right away and instead start with a address for the time being.

    Then, when you’re ready to go live at your main domain, you can follow the domain connection instructions to configure your domain so that it loads your site.

    Hope that helps!

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