Manifest theme – how to disable format "type" in heading (?)

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    I use the Manifest theme on several of my Blogs and I chose this theme for its clean and simple lines. Sometime this past week, unwanted changes have altered the look of my posts.

    Briefly . . .

    in addition to a “Standard” post, the Manifest theme offers seven other format options (or types) — with “Status”, “Image” and “Link” being three examples.

    With these new changes, WordPress now renders the format “type” in print above the subject line and readers are now afronted with the words STATUS or IMAGE or LINK above each of those posts (and no, I’m not shouting, that’s how it appears — in all caps).

    Here’s an example:

    Is there some setting on the dashboard which allows us to turn this off?

    Thank you


    The blog I need help with is



    See here so you understand how to use post formats >


    Thank you, TT:

    The post formats are a useful feature . . .

    My issue is the recent (unannounced?) change which now has the post format “type” appearing in CAPS above the subject line and I’m enquiring as to whether or not there is a setting which allows us to turn this.

    Thanks again.

    My issue is not withwith this recent (unannounced?) change which has


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    Post formats were announced long ago. I just read this “Post Formats” section in the Manifest theme description. Does this help?


    Thank you again, TT

    Yes, you are quite correct, the formats function was introduced some time ago and it’s a most useful feature which I’ve been happily using since their introduction.

    Sorry for not making myself clear when describing the (new) issue I have. Let me try again:

    Sometime this past week, WordPress started rendering or printing the name of the format (its “type”) in CAPS in the header of each post, above the subject line.

    Prior this change, and irrespective of the format (or “type”) — all that showed on the published post was the subject line followed by the content, irrespective of what format was used.

    Nice and clean — a true minimalist theme — which has now been changed with this new addition.

    For example . . . “Standard” posts don’t have STANDARD printed across the top of each post — and so why now would a “Status” post require STATUS being printed across the top (??).

    Is there a way to disable this change?

    Many thanks



    Here’s examples of how the “Status” format/type is rendered:



    I have now tagged this thread for Staff assistance. I’m sorry I didn’t do that sooner and I apologize. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when Staff respond.


    Thank you again, TT . . . as always — most helpful!



    Thanks for the report Patrick, there are a couple of other places where we could place the image text. Once we reach on consensus, we will post back here.


    Thank you, Michael:

    If I may express an opinion on where to place the “type”, might I suggest it go at the bottom of a post — in the footer along with the “category”, “tags” and “date”.

    Many thanks . . .



    Forum Post (sic)

    This week’s Blog entry from WordPress provides readers a useful overview of how this new “enhancement” renders on our posts:

    And, I take a light-hearted jibe at the “enhancement” with my own post, here:

    Many thanks to Michael and TT for answering my questions . . .




    Totally agree with your post, Patrick. In fact, I’d blame WP for doing a half-ass job: they forgot to add “blog title” above the blog title and “credits” above the footer credits…


    . . . Kudos to WordPress for changing the where and how a format “type” is rendered on the Manifest theme — a vast improvement, in my view, and I will now mark this thread as being resolved.

    Thank you!

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