Manifest theme: Header and top menu stopped displaying. Please help?

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    I am not sure how this happened, as I was not monkeying with settings, only working on a post!

    The header disappeared. There was a top menu with two links – now only one of them shows.

    I can go into customize>header and it shows none is set, and I can set it back to the one that was there – but after I save the setting, it doesn’t keep it or display anything. Same for the menu.

    I changed to a different theme and changed back but that didn’t help.
    Here’s the CSS that sets it at 1000px wide and has the header, by the way.

    #site-wrapper,#core-content,#main-nav ul ul,#comments h3,legend span,#footer,.footer-content{width:1000px}#header-image a img{display:none}#header-image a{display:block;background:url(‘’) no-repeat;width:1000px;height:200px}

    The blog I need help with is



    There appears to be a general problem right now as multiple people have reported customization problems.

    Please keep all the discussion in this thread, which is marked for Staff.



    I’m sorry for the trouble! Our team launched a change earlier today that caused problems for customizations you made to your site’s appearance. We fixed that problem, and most sites are now back to normal.

    If any of your site’s customizations are still missing, you can open your site’s Customizer and re-save those customizations now.

    If you have any more trouble with that, please let me know!

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