Making my website actually look like the demo

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    I have downloaded a theme and need some help making it look as much as the demo version as possible. I have downloaded and activated all plugins.

    The demo is here:
    This is my website:

    My main problems now are:
    – How do I get the photo slider?
    – How do I get the “about me” and “contact” popups?
    – How do I insert a photo where it’s gray and says “Weekend in Brightone”?

    I’m sure this is different from theme to theme, but I don’t even have a general idea of how to find the solution to this :/ This is not my first WordPress website, so I’m starting to wonder if there are actually some glitches in this theme or if I’m just temporarily stupid.

    I have tried contacting the creator of the theme, he/she doesn’t seem easy to reach.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there!

    This forum is for sites hosted here on using themes available here, however your site is self-hosted WordPress and using a premium theme by an outside seller.

    There is a forum for themes questions that may be more helpful to you if you’d like to ask there:

    However, keep in mind that since this theme is purchased from a third party and doesn’t appear to have any setup documentation posted publicly, we’ll be limited in what we can suggest to help get you setup, since we can’t see the details.

    I noticed on the theme’s listing on Creative Market (here) that the description says there is setup information included with the theme purchase, so perhaps there’s a file with details to walk you through getting your front page setup?

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