Making my site look just like the theme demo with different pics

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    I used the “Sketch” theme on my new site but it obviously looks nothing like the demo when I started using the theme. How can I make my site look just like the demo with different images that I’ve uploaded?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. To have your site look like the Sketch demo site you need enable the portfolio content type under Settings ->Writing and then create some portfolio projects.

    Then you need to create a page using the Portfolio Page Template and set that page as your home page. Then your portfolio projects will display as on the demo. As far as I know the theme cannot display regular posts that way. Full information in the theme support doc:


    Thank you for the reply!

    In the demo, the header images are in slider form and you can slide through 3 different slider images. Do you know how I can do that?



    If you go to Appearance ->Customize in the dashboard and click on the Featured Content tab you can specify a tag to use for featured content. Posts to which you assign that tag along with a featured image should turn up in the slider.

    However, I’m not sure, with Sketch, if the slider displays posts or only portfolio projects and whether it’s available on the home page or only on the portfolio page. On the demo site the slider is on the portfolio page and displays portfolio projects, so I’m guessing the slider might only be available for portfolio projects.


    I’m still having trouble getting that slider to appear. Any tips?

    Right now I have my front page static to the portfolio page so it looks like the demo. I tagged one of my projects in the portfolio as feature content and it has a featured image but it’s not appearing in the slider…


    Never mind, it looks like they’re showing up now! Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.


    Apologies, another question. How do I make the slider page and projects section flush? Right now there are two lines and a space separating the two areas but in the demo its perfectly flush with no space and it flows…



    I’m glad you got the slider working.

    To remove the space between the thumbnail and slider, go to Appearance ->Customize in the dashboard. In the customizer, click on the Theme tab and check the box next to Hide title and content on portfolio page. You’ll notice you can also set the aspect ratio of your portfolio thumbnails there.


    Awesome! That worked like a charm.

    Now I am having issues with my pages that aren’t in “Portfolio View.” They all have some default image as the header that I accidentally uploaded in the beginning. I can’t seem to get rid of it, any tips on how to get rid of that header image on all of my pages?



    Appearance ->Customize ->Headers. Click the button that says Hide Header Image. That should remove the header from your other pages.


    I don’t see a button that says “Hide Header Image.” ??



    I see. It appears there’s a minor glitch. Do you see your header image under “Previously Uploaded”? Click on that, and it should appear above as well, and the button along with it (that’s what happened on my test blog).


    Where will I find “Previously Uploaded” ?



    Under Appearance ->Customize ->Header. See:

    If you click on that image, this should happen:


    So unfortunately mine is glitching and isn’t showing any previously uploaded or the hide image option. BUT I just uploaded a new image and followed your instructions and it worked! Thanks again! I think this is ready to show to my boss, before I do…

    Could you give me some feedback? Does the site look good? Does it make you want to browse? It’s for a screen printing/print shop.


    How do you add widgets to certain pages only? I want to add social media widgets and map widget to my “About & Prices” page but I don’t want them on every page.



    Glad you figured that out.

    I think your site looks good, for what it’s worth :)

    Every widget, if you edit it under Appearance ->Widgets, has an option for Visibility. There you can set it to only display or to not display under certain conditions.


    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.

    This may be my last question… probably not haha.

    In the demo at the bottom right-hand corner of the page, there are tiny social media square icons. On mine, they just show up as WordPress icons, how do I get them to be social media icons?



    I want to set this theme up for my wife for her blog, so you’re actually helping me figure out all its intricacies. I really don’t mind. (After this session I reckon I can write a tutorial on using Sketch :-D )

    You set those up by creating a custom menu. See the support doc under the heading Social Links for instructions:

    Here’s an additional article on custom menus you might also find helpful:


    You’ve done it again, THANK YOU!!!

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