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    Navigation bar covers background images_Please tell me how I can lower my navigation bar down from image area 1200×250

    The blog I need help with is wipoutreach.wordpress.com.


    Add this and then you can play with the 130px value.

    #wrap {
    margin-top: 130px;

    Sorry, Im completly new at this_Where do I add this code on the CSS style sheet (what line?) and should all the command fit on one line.

    Also Once I do thisand saved _then what? Will it show up right away?

    For instance the /* is on line one, so I pasted the code on line 2 and 3_while the closing */ tag appeared on line 4. I then saved and refreshed the page _NOTHING, so I know Im doing it wrong.

    Please feel free to input the code for me and I can use it as a model for future editing.


    This is what the code looks like after published. However no changes were made to my navigation bar:
    /*#wrap {margin-top: 260px;}*/
    Please view wipoutreach.wordpress.com



    If you have /* at the beginning and */ at the end of your code, you have commented it out and it is not being applied. I see no custom CSS on your site at all using Firebug. The following code works fine on my test blog in Structure, and also works fine when I apply it to your site using Firebug.

    #wrap {
    margin-top: 130px;

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