Lost password, lost email!

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    I’m helping a friend to recover an account which she lost password to and also can’t get access to the email that is connected to the website.

    We can not either use this link https://wordpress.com/wp-login.php?action=recovery because we don’t have any of those three proofs of ownership.

    But we have other proofs! We will send an email to help@wordpress.com, so please can you one of you skilled Happiness Engineers help us with this!?

    It concerns https://trollhattansuzuki.wordpress.com/


    To clarify, are you talking about this WordPress.com site? https://trollhattansuzuki.wordpress.com/

    Unless you have the proof of ownership details, I am afraid there’s nothing much that can be done.

    Although. I have added a tag “modlook” to this topic for the Happiness Engineers’ attention.



    Hi there,

    We can only accept an email from the address connected to the account, or one of the other forms of verification required on the Account Recovery form for account recovery purposes. We do not make any exceptions to this.

    If you’ve already emailed us, please keep communication there as we cannot help with this via the public forums, but unless you have a valid form of verification there’s not much we’ll be able to do.



    Thanks for help strikebuys with the tag!

    Thanks for answer kokkieh! The email will come soon. My friend will send it this week. I just wanted to test all communication channels to you.

    I really hope this will be fixed!

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