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    I recently changed my blog name and today I lost over half my followers. How can they be regained

    The blog I need help with is hannahamethyst.wordpress.com.


    Hi @hannahamethyst,

    I just came across a resolved thread that had exactly the same issue you are experiencing:https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/changed-blog-name-lost-followers?replies=5





    Hi there,

    It is not possible for a site address change to remove followers from your site. All the address change tool does is change the address. It does not change anything else in your site in any way.

    Why do you think you have lost followers? Where exactly do you see that the number of followers have changed?

    Your stats are showing 1,214 WordPress.com/Reader followers, 11 Email followers, and 901 followers via your connected Twitter account. Our logs don’t show any evidence of any followers being removed.

    Did you have any other social media accounts connected? If you’ve removed one of them, it would explain a drop in the follower count.

    I also notice you removed another user on your site three days ago. If that user had any social media accounts connected to the site removing them would have removed those connections, which would also explain a change in the total follower count.


    The thread you link to is over five years old, and refers to a drop in traffic after an address change, not to followers being removed from a site. It is not the same issue.


    Because my wordpress following had gone down by 1500. No that user didn’t have social media accounts linked. I have a screen shot of my following from before that had about 10 followers less that what I had when my following changed


    My follow count also shows I haven’t had any followers for 4 months, even though I have had people follow me every single day. New followers over the past day have also disappeared from the top of the list and their following since is also wrong ie I had someone follow me and it said they’d followed me for 23 days or something like that even though they had literally just followed me. Also my follow count was a lot higher 4 months ago as I hit 2000 around 5/6 months ago as I did a blog post on it.
    This is really upsetting as I’ve worked so hard on my blog & now I’ve lost over half my following all from the WordPress/reader and I have no idea why or how this has happened. I would like nothing more than for this to be corrected and resolved. As I mentioned I have a screen shot from when I had 2690 which is 10 less than when I lost all the followers so I know that I did have that following.



    Can you please provide me the usernames/email addresses of some of the followers you have lost so we can check that?

    And please upload the screen shot showing the follower count to your site’s media library so I can take a look.


    I’m not sure of exactly which 1500 I have lost out of 2700. It’s ridiculous you would expect me to know exactly who I have lost when I can only see the numbers have changed. I don’t keep a list of who has followed me and who now has been lost.
    I have added the photo I screenshotted yesterday. It has 10 less than what I actually had.


    I have also noticed that my following says I didn’t gain any followers until 17th November last year, when I started my blog in January and gained followers up until that point. So from what I gather it’s only got my followers from November last year up until July this year. Then today. Even though I know I’ve had followers between those gaps and hit mini milestones. I have also added these screenshots. You can also see that In August last year I hit 200, so this follow count is wrong.


    I’ve had a look through the followers and Becca P Beauty, Love Estelle, Rebecca Allatt, Jessica Riga, BeautifyBrooke. I’ve noticed a lot of people who I follow and used to follow me are no longer following. I have also noticed that from my old blog that it still follows all the people my current blog follows as well as liking the posts I have recently liked. So I’m not sure they are still linked in some way.



    Thank you for the screen shot. So you are speaking about the follower count that shows in the Reader, not the one on your site or in the stats page. That is important information and why I asked you in my first reply where did you see the follower count change.

    Based on the screen shot the problem is with your site’s feed in the Reader, so I’ve asked our Reader team to look into this. I’ll let you know once I hear back from them.


    It’s changed in both the reader and on my site stats. They were both the same now they have both gone down.
    Thank you for looking into this.



    The thread you link to is over five years old, and refers to a drop in traffic after an address change, not to followers being removed from a site. It is not the same issue.

    You are completely correct, I misunderstood the question – thank you for bringing this to my attention so I can take note!






    Everything should be fixed now. If you still see the incorrect follower count, please try clearing your browser cache.


    It’s good that you searched for old threads, but always try to make sure they’re not too old, even if it’s about the same question :)

    Things change pretty fast around here, so the more recent a thread, the more likely it will be relevant.

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