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    Hey all thanks for the help in advance….

    So I work for an alarm/security company and I am trying to make our scheduling better.

    So what I want to do is create a site that helps everyone see the schedule and upcoming jobs.

    As it stands right now they just use an excel spreadsheet. Also we have hard copies of at timesheet that we use to clockin/out and a weeks worth of daily logs we have to right what we did for the day on. (OLD FASHIONED THIS IS 2020 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD LOL)

    Here is my idea:

    The secretary/owner gets a job and goes to a webpage on the site and fills the form out with all the pertinent information with the customer, i.e name, phone number, address (which make clickable to google maps for directions) and a notes section for supplies need and any other special instructions. Then they assign it a date and a time if a time is needed.

    This in turn adds it to a calendar (google calendar even) with all that information on it. The calendar is viewable in a week view and can color code per technician/type of job (i.e camera,security,fire alarm,access control, etc…)

    Then each technician can pull it up on the phone/computer and add notes to that job for future references.

    I have so many more ideas for this but I always have trouble getting started with the right theme/plugins. I have built several wordpress sites in the past just nothing this in depth. Once I get started in the right direction I usually just take off with it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to look for something like this? Surely there is something out there already for technician scheduling/timetracking etc…

    I have searched and searched through plugins/themes for job tracking, timesheet, technician assignments and on and on but nothing seems to fit out of the box so I do realize I will have some coding/customizations to do which is fine by me.

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    I would suggest posting in the other WordPress forum which deals with plugins and self hosted installation of the WordPress software. Here on WordPress.com we support a managed hosting environment, and aren’t able to provide that level of customization out of the box. You are right that plugins will be needed and you may need help of a developer which is why I suggest posting at


    There’s not an “out of the box” option I know of but those folks might have some better insight to get you in the right direction.



    Thank you for the help!

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