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    Hello all,

    I’m working on a WordPress site (unfortunately behind security) where some menu items will have dozens of child pages. I was hoping to use this to show just a plain list of all of the child pages and link to them:

    But pasting “[child-pages]” into the editor doesn’t have any effect. The page doesn’t mention any specific plugins I have to install. Is there a function I have to include somewhere?

    Much thanks in advance.


    Hi –

    Please confirm which site you are working on. Then we can take a closer look. Thank you.




    Thanks for responding. The site is not public so I am not able to point you to where it is. If that’s necessary for trouble shooting this particular issue then I’m afraid I’m out of luck.

    I’m working with version 5.1.1. Most importantly I just need to know if I’m misunderstanding the shortcodes listed on the page. I assume they are built into WordPress and can be used without additional installations/code. But if I’m wrong and you can point me to the plugin or the code needed, that would help a great deal.

    Thank you.



    It looks you are working with the open source which is quite different from Their support is at



    Oh! Thank you. I’ll just shut the door behind me…

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