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    I have had this problem off and on for the nearly three years I’ve been using WordPress. Even when I’m signed in, I can’t ‘like’ certain posts and waste lots of time trying (and usually failing) to be able to show support to other bloggers. I used to be able to sign out of Chrome and sign in under Internet Explorer — this took a lot of time and was annoying, but at least it worked. Now even that doesn’t work. I am quite frustrated as I have very, very little time to spend reading blogs now (due to family medical crises with THREE different family members) and it’s really discouraging to have what little time I spend eaten up with this type of nonsense. I have spent hours on it, cumulatively, over the past three years. Is there any definitive solution that will fix this?

    The blog I need help with is




    Could you try using Chrome and clearing all browsing data, cache and cookies, and also, disable all extensions temporarily? It sounds more like a browser issue to me.

    Please let me know how it went.

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