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    I’m using wordpress – a child theme of Twenty seventeen, with Photomosaic and Responsive Lightbox.

    On my homepage, I’m trying to display images at thumbnail size, on click to display the full size image in a lightbox.

    I’m uploading files at 800px wide (max) or 650px tall (max) depending on the aspect ratio / format.

    WordPress lightbox seems to force display of the “full size” images at over 800px tall – which is taller than a standard laptop screen resolution with the height of the browser (and sticky header) included. It’s hiding the top of the lightbox as a result. It’s also making the images blurry. I also just don’t want people to have larger resolutions of my images available. It doesn’t seem to be recropping the image – it seems to be a display issue setting somewhere but I can’t see where. I’ve googled and can’t see any common issues or suggestions for the settings.

    Any ideas on how to fix this so it displays the true full size and doesn’t try to enlarge the image?



    Ah. My link would be helpful:



    And my browser is set to 100% zoom. In case you were wondering…

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