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    Dear staff –
    I’d love a libraryThing widget. Please, please, please..
    (everyone else, add your voice – and apologies for starting a new thread).


    Like a Flickr slideshow?



    Count me in.

    Meantime, here’s a link to a previous forum post by Sulz where she lists some alternatives:


    these alternatives make for poor substitutes in the end, though. Those who want to see the graphics and content that Library Thing or can offer them will ultimately head toward Blogspot to get what they’re looking for, i think.

    I understand the security issues that surround JS, but it’s a crying shame doesn’t offer more “Web 2.0” widgets.. Is it possible for Automattic to develop in-house workarounds for some of the more popular items? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a request for LibraryThing now..


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    I am crossing my fingers, and have been for a while.
    (tricky typing, though)



    I include LT in a different way from the referenced link. Like mitchellirons says, it’s perhaps a poor substitute. But it works for me, and it’s better than nothing. See


    Clearly a real campaign ought to be mounted. All we need is a real general to lead the force.

    +1 LibraryThing.


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    Private Boblet feels it is difficult to mount a campaign, when the best result problably comes from a pile of diffrent people voicing their wishes here, and sending respectful requests to the staff.



    Count me in as someone voicing their opinion. I’ve been wanting an LT widget for a long while.

    Six Apart has managed to allow JS capability in widgets on their various platforms (Vox, Typepad, etc.). Why is it so difficult for WP to manage?


    …and to think that I thought I knew about all the cool sites on the Web !

    I had never heard of “LibraryThing” until I read this forum posting asking WordPress to make an LT widget available. I went to to see what all the fuss was about.

    The thing I was most taken by was some of the testimonials from their members, such as…

    the social networking potentiality alone is enough to send the average book-geek into uncontrollable spasms of wonder”


    excuse me while i go and dissolve in a puddle of geeky joy…

    I guess LibraryThing will be the next blackhole to suck up all my time (as if blogging at WordPress doesn’t do that already). Maybe I’ll clone myself, so that we can split the web surfing between the two of us.

    – RoutingByRumor



    Yes, please! I’ve just switched over from Blogger but there are some things that were better there… Please help me show my true nerdiness on my new WordPress blog!



    I am still confused about about the widget thing. I need more information.



    Count me in :)



    Use WorldCat’s Lists + the RSS they provide and you have pretty much the same thing what these fancy and acquired million dollar websites are providing.


    Oh a LT widget would be great!



    Hi Boblets.

    I too would love to have a “Library Thing widget” but it is Javascript and WP.COM doesn’t allow it so I guess it ain’t gonna happen.

    You could only use it if you had a WordPress.Org blog on your own domain. I put my library thing widget on my blogspot and I love it. It is such a pitty that more widgets aren’t made in NON-JAVA SCRIPT.



    Dang. Yes. I, too, would love a LibraryThing widget on my blog.



    Please please please give us a LibraryThing widget!



    pls give me more info on the subject



    Me too! A librarything widget would be much better than the flickr widget. My books are far more interesting and beautiful than my pics. So PLEASE find a solution. Apparently the people of librarything are working on a java-free widget for livejournal, so maybe if they find it, we can use that too?

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