Leaving comments causes WordPress to crash.

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    WordPress crashes whenever I comment on a post without going to their full blog. This happens only on the WordPress Reader. It doesn’t crash immediately after I start typing, but it does crash long before I’m finished typing. It usually crashes about halfway through the second line from the top in the comment box.

    To clarify, and I could be using the term incorrectly, when I say “crash”, I mean that the website seems to lock up. I’m left with the page visible, including the small amount of text I managed to type before this happened, but any attempt to back out of the small display window to view the main site is entirely futile. I can no longer click on anything on the page at all.

    The problem could be on my end, though I’d still love to know how to fix it, if anyone knows.

    More clarification of minor details that could be important: I use Google Chrome. It happens consistently, meaning that it happens every time I attempt to leave a comment longer than a line and a half while using the WordPress Reader, without fail. This is not a problem that occurs while browsing other websites, at least not that I’ve experienced. I have not tried using another browser, and I would like to avoid that as a solution, if at all possible.

    The problem has been happening for as long as I have been using WordPress (half a year, give or take a month) so I don’t think an update is the issue here.

    If anyone has any answers, let me know. If not, I’ll learn to live with it. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is mythoughtsarepollution.wordpress.com.



    Does this happen if you use a different browser?


    It doesn’t, though using another browser isn’t an ideal solution. This is a problem I can live with, it’s just a minor irritation that I figured I may as well ask about, and at least find out if there was a solution.



    The fact that it doesn’t happen with other browsers and that I’m not hearing any of the same sort of error reports from other Chrome users makes me wonder if there is something amiss with your specific Chrome instal. Are you up to date with your version of Chrome?


    It may not be. I’ll update and then get back to you later. Thanks for the help so far, by the way.



    WordPress crashes whenever I comment on a post without going to their full blog.

    OMG! I would love to have that happen when it comes to both of my blogs. I don’t want comments to be made anywhere but on the actual posts themselves right where they were published.


    Yeah, I do that when it comes to leaving comments on blogs I’m actually committed to following, or when I feel strongly enough about something to go to the full page. This honestly just makes me comment less. I guess if that’s what you want, then cool, that’s your prerogative. There’s totally a setting where you can make people have to go to the full post to read your full story. I personally don’t really care about the clicks; I’m happy just knowing someone, somewhere got something out of something I wrote.

    Anyways, as a response to rootjosh, I seem to be running the latest version of Chrome. No idea why I seem to be the only one experiencing this problem, but if there doesn’t seem to be a solution, I can learn to live with it.



    I’ll keep an eye out for any other reports of similar issues. But thus far, I haven’t seen any.

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