launched site version different from version that appears when in ‘customise’ mode

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    we launched our website and the online version is not consistent with the version we see when we are customising it. We have tried modifying settings and updating, but nothing happens. How can this be fixed? Thanks



    I don’t see anything particularly wrong with

    Would you please elaborate on the problem?


    -Homepage shows recent posts instead of the static page it should (Metsakartano International);
    -Menu should show 6 pages, but shows 8 instead (“Poke the Globe” we have erased and “Metsakartano international” is supposed to be the static home page).
    – one page name appears as “metsakartano youth centre” instead of “metsakartano”
    -posts appear in full lenght, instead of just as excerpts
    -widget with “recent posts” appear in “Contact us” page even though it shouldn’t
    -we are experiencing problems with featured images. In some cases we have disabled the featured image option but images still appear at the beginning and end of the posts

    We do not understand why there are differences between what we can see from “customise” function and what actually appears online. Any advise?


    Thank you for all the details.
    I had a look at your site and noticed that you have only saved the changes as a draft but you have not published them.

    Please go to My Site>Design>Customize and click on the gear icon to publish your changes:

    I hope that helps :)


    Yes, that was it. Good to know that customised changes are not automatically published. Small but crucial detail we had missed. Thanks a lot! :D


    I’m glad it all worked out :)

    Remember that you can always check our support pages, lots of information and tutorials there:

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