How do I keep my video from autoplaying?

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    I have numerous videos on my blog and right now when you long on the the blog they all auto play simultaneously and at most I only want the newest video to auto play. How do I get the videos to not auto play?
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    We don’t have any auto-play controls for VodPod videos, though I do have to say that this is the very first time I have ever seen a VodPod embed auto-play.

    Perhaps it’s something set at the location of the original video?


    Thanks for the response. Is there anything that may be in the settings that can be changed? I have posted videos from the same location before and none of them auto-play so I’m not sure why it’s happening.



    I’m not sure at all in this case really. There’s nothing on our end that controls auto-play. Where did you get the videos from?

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