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    I was using k2-lite on WordPress.com, and I am now importing it to my own server.
    K2-lite appears to be no longer available for download.
    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this template?



    I am not sure, but I know there is a K2-Lite for Sandbox that might help you along the way.



    Thanks Trent…I found that earlier, but it only has the CSS and a png file. It doesn’t appear to be a complete theme. I tried to implement the CSS, but it conflicted with my existing template and gave pretty wacky results.



    It is meant to be put on as CSS overtop of Sandbox though! Just thought it might help out as it is not the complete theme, but makes sandbox look like it.




    Yes, this is just a “skin” for the Sandbox theme. There’s a link to download that theme on the page, so you can install that and then choose the k2lite skin.


    Woah. Who knew that the simplest theme I could think of would now give me such a headache.

    I downloaded the sandbox theme and installed it, and followed all instructions for placement, but the instructions for configuration did not work. 1) There was no ‘skins’ folder and 2) there was no ‘skins’ option within dashboard.

    Could my wordpress version be a problem? I think it’s not current. I updated the files on my server to the new version and it displays as Version 2.3.2, but I don’t have access to the wordpress engine/ (data server)

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