It's only possible to follow blogs via the reader?

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    Are you kidding me wordpress? You even removed the follow buttons everywhere, except from the reader? How on earth can I follow a blog if you removed all the buttons, or the links in the small menu on the right side?

    The blog I need help with is



    @diaryofdennis where are you missing the follow button? I can see them on the lower right corner of sites I’m not following already, in the action bar.


    I tried this with another blog and there I can follow. So, I guess the problem is only on the one blog. It’s a blog that I don’t already follow, but for some reason the menu is different there and the follow link is missing. I can only follow this blog via the reader:



    Hmm, that is odd. I’ll do some digging on this to see what we can find out.



    Found it. They’ve actually disabled the follow button on their site. Did they mention something to you or were you just having trouble following the site?


    No, they were not involved, I found this site randomly and was wondering why the menu wouldn’t work. I think the topic can be closed :)



    Will do. Cheers :)

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