It seems I receive fake "following" emails

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    I have “Email Subscription” widget at my blogs.

    I received some “following” emails for which have in common that the email address is at

    I suspect these emails are fake or spam.

    Today I received a similar email for

    Here the email is reprised:

    From (email visible only to moderators and staff) Sat Mar 24 18:46:44 2018
    Subject: [Victor Porton’s Math Blog] (email visible only to moderators and staff) is now
    following your blog


    (email visible only to moderators and staff) just followed Victor Porton’s Math Blog.


    If you don’t want to be notified of new followers any more:
    Thanks for flying with

    The blog I need help with is:



    Hi, @porton

    While its very possible to get spam following, however, I see no reason why anyone would want to fill your “followers” list with spam.

    However, Everyone on the internet can view and follow your blog as long as it is public. But if you’re uncomfortable with any follower, you can remove them here

    You may find the following links helpful:

    You can also change your blog visibility to “private”

    I sincerely hope this helps



    @porton – There is a known issue with email addresses currently. I’ve gone ahead and tagged this thread for Staff attention.

    I’ve also redacted the body of the email you posted since you are posting in a public forum. If Staff need anything more than the email address that was redacted (which they can see) they’ll contact your privately.

    If, as the email notification you received said, you do not wish to receive such notifications of new followers, you can unsubscribe from notifications until this current round of new “followers” has passed.

    Please also see this reply from Staff regarding this issue on an earlier forum thread.



    @anthonymcgreat – Kindly note that the articles you linked to at wpbeginner and buildablog regarding spam registrations only relates to users of the standalone WP software and is an entirely different issue. Regards.



    @justjennifer – Yea yea, Thanks. NOTED


    Hey there, spam is an issue that we are in the process of addressing. I have reported this internally and we’ll get it cleaned up soon for you.

    Thank you!


    I received three email registrations today on my blog. I was only able to remove two of them as followers, because the second one that came through was no longer in my email followers list.

    Can we confirm that these new email followers are spam and an issue across many wordpress sites?

    Thank you



    FYI, I typed one of these email addresses into my Firefox search bar, and got the following message (which I clicked the “No button on, of course):

    You are about to log in to the site “” with the username “[the weird email address spammer]”, but the website does not require authentication. This may be an attempt to trick you.

    Is “” the site you want to visit?


    I came here because I’ve been wondering about the same thing. I’ve probably gotten around 50 emails for these fake subscribers. It’s not causing any problems on my end because they’re always deleted again right away.

    But I am curious about the purpose. Spam comments leave links trying to drum up business, so the purpose is obvious, no matter how poorly executed.

    But how can spam subscribers get anything out of this? Unless I’m missing something, they aren’t advertising to anyone by quietly following blogs in the background.



    Can we confirm that these new email followers are spam and an issue across many wordpress sites?

    That is correct. Those new email followers are indeed spam and it is affecting several users. Feel free to delete them.



    Still receiving these on, in case staff needs more data. Thanks very much for working on this!



    I am another user receiving these strange Outlook followers. I’ve just received another one today, 23 April, 2018.



    Hi there!

    Any updates on this problem? I get at least one and sometimes several new “followers” a day.

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