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    I’m teaching a class where students are working on a mock newspaper. Each one has a post that they’re adding to each week. This week we’re trying to add an image, position it and add a 2-pixel border. 27 of the 30 students were able to do this with no problem, but 3 are encountering an issue when trying to edit the issue. For them, clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon brings up options where they can crop the image, but they have no option to resize to a thumbnail or add a border. Any idea what’s happening? I can go into their post and do it from my computer but they can’t do it on their computers. Microsoft Surface computers running Windows 10, Chrome browser.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    This may have something to do with where the students are going to edit the image and add the border.

    Adding the border can only be done using the Advanced Options of the WP Admin dashboard (black) when editing an image already embedded on a post or page.

    If the students are attempting to do so using the Calypso dashboard (blue) I do not believe there are any options available for adding the image border on an image embedded with in a post or page.

    If this is the case, redirect students to the WP Admin dashboard by telling them to add the /wp-admin to the end of their given URL. Ask them then to embed an image on a post, click on the image, select the pencil, and see the advanced options section. They can also resize the image here.

    If all student are using the same dashboard and continuing to run into these problems, pop back in and let us know and we can take a deeper look. They will be required to post from the associated account where the issue is occurring in order for staff to be able access the sites dashboard to troubleshoot.

    Hoping this helps!


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