How can I activate my RSS?

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    I have been asked a couple of times regarding ur rss as readers have experienced that they are unable to subscribed to it.

    I thought that it is already in my blog posting but seemingly not. How do I activate this in my blog?

    Thanks for the help.
    Blog url:



    Are you using a specific RSS reader to read your RSS feeds? or do you want to use your browser?

    What’s your Browser type and version? If you’re not sure where to find them, you can visit .



    Apologies for the ignorance but do not quite understand what the RSS is??

    What would be the difference or advantage to use RSS compared to browser?

    The Web Browser I have is Safari 5.0.5 and the size is 1008X631.

    Thanks for the reply.



    I’m sorry for the confusion. Subscribing to your blog works perfectly fine over here. Feel free to forward your visitors to our contact form if they encounter any trouble.



    Thanks and have a good weekend!

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