Is wordads on decline?

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    Honestly speaking, the earning I got from wordads isn’t even 10% of what I used to have even when I have more ads impression and viewers now. I have read people posting here and it was the same case.

    Now the question is, did some people still earning ‘decently’ or even more than what they used to earn? Just in case it was about the ads bid, when we earn less, there should be some who earn more right?

    Is wordads company is on the decline? Because I’ve put my life on my site and living from the ads revenue, if the ship is sinking, I should find a new ship.




    How much did you earn for 1k impressions ? Was that really low ?


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    I used to get 800$ for 800k impression. A few months ago I got 100$ for more than 2million impressions. Last month, only 90$ for 500k impression. This is a big problem for me.



    i think adsence is the best platform for us :) The wordads people dont even allow us to get realtime status. They have many comments on that.. delay of their partners and so on .

    There are many other ad platforms even not popular as wordads but they maintain to provide an estimate. :( anyone got this month payment?



    Hi there,

    Advertising rates fluctuate constantly. The online ads system is similar to the stock market where advertisers bid in real time.

    Rates are vastly different depending on the country the viewer is visiting from. For example, we’re paid in dollars per thousand impressions in the US, but we’re only paid in cents per thousand impressions in other parts of the world. For some regions advertisers simply don’t bid at all, which means no earnings.

    On top of that advertising rates have dropped significantly over the past 3 years. Advertisers simply don’t pay as much as they used to, and this applies to other services like Adsense as well.

    anyone got this month payment?

    December earnings are still being processed. We release those any time from the three to six weeks after the end of the month.

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