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    what is the charge for $17



    Hello @moontearsca!

    It appears you are currently logged in under a new account, so be sure to log in with the account that created the site in order to see your current subscriptions. Once you are logged in with the main account that is linked to the charges, you can check your Purchases page to view any active subscriptions. You can also cancel services and request a refund on this page.

    This support doc has a lot of good info about managing your purchases and payments: Manage Purchases, Renewals & Cancellations

    If you do have a site, Staff will need the URL/site name to help. If you don’t have a site, or there are other issues, feel free to post below with more information.

    Best of luck!


    Another place to check is here:



    Ooh nice! Adding that one to the toolkit. Thanks @themagicrobot!

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