Is there a way to edit the emails that get sent to followers?

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    Hey people.

    I dont like how my posts appear to my email followers when i publish a new post.

    Is there a way to edit what the emails look like? I’d rather it just be a link they can click to take them to the website rather than seeing the full post via email.

    many thanks!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, No, it’s not possible to directly edit the emails themselves. However, there’s a couple of ways you can send out a shorter email rather than the full content of your post.

    The most common way to shorten your post email is to change your Feed settings in Writing and toggle On where it says “Limit feed to excerpt only” and save your settings. This will send out only the first few sentences of your post with a link to click to read the rest on your site. This setting won’t affect the posts themselves, which will continue to display the full post.

    Come back to us here in the forum if you have any other question about this.


    Hi there,

    It looks like your Feed Settings are set that way where you can see full post than Summary.

    Check your settings using the following link.

    Now when you publish a new post, check the settings will be applied or not.

    I hope it helps.


    Jennifer you are a star! that is exactly what i was hoping for :)


    khushbudesaiblog thank you for the reply. I cannot find the reading settings, I only appear to have writing settings, but i have toggled the ‘limit feed to excerpts only’ as Jennifer has suggested so I hope that works, I will find out next week when I release my next post! thank you again.



    @theunhappyhippie you’re very welcome. Let us know how that goes.

    @khushbudesaiblog thanks, too. It looks like that particular support doc hasn’t been updated yet to reflect the “new dash.”

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