Is there a way to block spam Likes?

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    I’ve been noticing over the past two weeks that I now have about 8 spam followers that auto-Like my posts. Is there some means to block those Likes?

    If I had a big blog with 50+ Likes a post, I’m sure these spammers would just get drowned out. But for a small blog, it’s kind of embarrassing to start with 8 Likes when you’ll normally get just a few legitimate Likes!

    Not the biggest problem in the world, but if there’s a quick fix, I’m interested to know it. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry I can’t help you with this, I was searching for spam related forum posts because I’m getting a ton of spam comments. I’m sure someone hired people from a freelance platform to annoy people.
    My wordpress is the free version, just starting to revise old posts and WP is not filtering spam comments well.
    I hope you get your situation fixed! I’ll carry on looking in the forum for answers for my issue!




    For the time being, if you notice spam “likes” that violate the TOS, you can report them here:


    For the comment spam issue, please drop us a line over at Akismet with your blog URL:



    @ gregwp
    Thanks! Will do!

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