Is it possible to move a menu item from one menu to another?

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    I am using Traction and wish to move a menu item and the sub-menus to the other menu in one action rather than recreate it manually.
    Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    I do not believe it is yet possible: however one might rename the menu which has the most entries in it and move those menus/submenus with the least number to it.

    On thing that would make this much easier is for all menu items to be automatically included in the “Links” function on the dashboard, and/or add a “links” widget to the menu creation page. This way one could create whatever links and whatever categories one wants and then assign them to whatever menu one wants.

    Sadly, this is not yet possible, and I have not yet found a way to access the created “links” directly.

    I have certainly wanted to so this myself; however thanks to this post causing me to think it through, I can at least take my own suggestion as I only have one short menu for my site (for negotiation) and another which is quite large which I have been displaying via a widget, but which I would like to include in a sub menu to my main menu. I now realise that I can just copy the few links in my negotiation menu into my second menu (there are only four entries) and then point my theme to use this menu (as in the theme I use, only one menu is allowed.

    Hope this helps!

    But HEY WORDPRESS!! INCLUDE THE LINKS LIST IN THE MENU CREATION PAGE!!!! (or make the items movable… or even both)



    Thanks for the confirmation – I didn’t think it was possible and I agree – theme designers – give this some thought! :)

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