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    To Timethief or anyone else who knows:

    I have the Inuit Types theme (same as Timethief, which is why I included her name)

    Is there a way that I can set the posts to be a bit longer and not cut off so soon? All of Timethief’s posts are longer than mine and I like that length.

    Is there a way to get more posts on a page? For some reason I get only one Featured Post and four regular posts, whereas Timethief has six regular posts, and I like that better as well.

    I looked for places where I might be able to set those numbers, but after checking Widgets and Settings, nothing came up.


    The blog I need help with is



    These questions have been answered in the Inuit Types threads found in the Themes forum searchbox, and also in the posts I have previously given your links to. Please, please stop creating more threads on Inuit Types.

    The number of posts on the page is controlled by you here > Settings > Reading

    If you don’t like the length of the excerpt provided by the theme which is taken from the beginning of your post then what those threads and post state is use the “excerpt” box found under the editor box. There you can enter the excerpt of your own choosing and the length of your own choice.

    P.S. Please click “member” under your username. There you will find every post you have made to the forum like this one: Want more posts on home page in Inuit Types answered here >



    Hi, I think this will answer your questions:

    If you want your extracts on the front page to be longer, use the Excerpt box right below the Editor box on the Edit Post page. Just type/or copy in the extract that you would like. The manual extract will take precedence over the automatic extract that normally occurs.

    If you want to show more excerpts on the front page:
    Go to settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most > enter a number

    Whatever number you put in the box, will be the number of extracts that show up on the front page of Inuit Times Themes (it will also be the number of full posts that show up in other themes)

    To get more featured posts (the ones with the boxes around them) go to Appearance > Theme Options > Featured Post Entries and chose the number you want from the drop down menu (up to 10)



    Dear Sandra and Timethief ~ Thank you for helping out with my experimentation with themes. I will click the links that you both provided and might go back to Inuit Types; ever since sending my question above, I decided to return to Bueno, but now that I see I can adjust Inuit Types, I will try it again.

    I am happy right now because I have found a brand new doctor who is in private practice and a good physical therapist that he recommended. I feel so much better.




    You’re welcome. It’s very easy to change the number of posts displayed on the front page of your blog regardless of the theme you use. It’s also easy to place the excerpt you want to display on your front page into the excerpt box on Inuit Types.
    Happy blogging. :)

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