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    Hey guys, I just created a blog here, and have found out about this really awesome comments plugin. It is called Intense Debate ( ) It expands the functionality of comments and unifies them between blogs. Users only have one account, and when they post, anyone can see their other posts, in all the intense debate blogs they have posted in. It just smoothes out the comments system ALOT. It is a wordpress plugin, but at the FAQ article states, you cannot upload your own plugins. I could not find the feedback spot, so I posted here. Check it out, and if you like it, post here and put in your vote!



    Sounds like a decent idea but it is still in beta so I doubt the folks will integrate it yet.


    Staff already has a feature that lets you track comments you’ve made across all blogs. Click the ‘My Comments’ tab of your dashboard.



    Of course, that feature would be more useful if I could exclude the comments I have made on my own blog.

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