‘installation path’ for website start with wordpress.com

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    I’m attempting to install wp as the basis for a siteground website. I don’t think it should be hard. What I’m seeing is:

    ‘Failed to install WordPress on blahblah.com/wp-admin. Field is not in expected format’.

    What field should I be formatting, and what’s the formula for it?

    The blog I need help with is nosuchthingasthemarket.wordpress.com.


    For support for the version of WordPress you are installing on siteground, you will want the forums and documentation for the WordPress.org version of WordPress.

    The wordoress.com version is used only by sites actually hosted here at wordoress.com.

    You will need to register separately for those forums because they are a completely different entity from wordpress.com.

    Sometimes for the actual WordPress install, you web host can be helpful.

    For more about the differences between the 2 versions see


    Good luck with your install!

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