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    I was just wondering why my Instagram widget isn’t working. Please advise.



    Hi there,

    As you can see from the screenshot below the Instagram widget is loading fine on my end.

    Please clear your browser’s cache and see if that help.


    Thanks, but the problem is that it’s not showing new photos. I posted something on Monday but the widget won’t update. And I’ve cleared my cache on three different browsers, so the cache isn’t the issue. The widget just doesn’t work.


    This is the photo that should be at the top.



    Hmmm, thanks for that. I see your latest post was a video. The one before that was a picture, then you had a video before that.

    If you add a new Instagram post with a picture, does that show up right away?


    Huh, OK, so it updated with the photo but not the video. That’s weird.



    That’s what we’re trying to figure out. :)

    It looks like there might be a caching issue with Instagram’s feed. If you post a new photo, we’ll know where to start looking based on if only the new photo comes through or both the new photo and old video.


    Yeah, it was just the photo that came through. I deleted the new post already because I didn’t want to confuse any of my Insta followers–do you want me to do it again?



    Hi there,

    That might not be necessary.

    This issue looked familiar to me, so I did some searching and found previous reports of this. The problem here is that Instagram doesn’t send us thumbnails for video-only posts, so the widget is designed to just skip the post in that case, in order to prevent a blank placeholder being shown instead.

    So this isn’t really something we can do anything about on our end.

    I did some testing with my own Instagram feed in a widget, and it appears if you include the video in a IG gallery with a static image, the image appears in the widget, but video-only posts won’t.


    Hi, and thanks. I’ve never had a problem with videos coming through on the widget–in fact, the bottom two you see on the site right now are videos and they interfaced just fine. So yeah, I’m baffled. Thanks for looking into it for me, though.



    Right, but you’ll notice that they don’t show as videos in the widget. They show as images. That’s because Instagram is sending us thumbnails for those.

    Instagram is not sending us thumbnails for the most recent one, which is why the widget can’t display it. Unfortunately we have no way of telling from this end why Instagram isn’t sending us a thumbnail from that end when we request your feed from them – the fact that it showed the regular photo when you posted that to test earlier shows the feed is being fetched correctly, so the problem here is with what Instagram is sending us for this particular video.



    If you haven’t tried it yet, try disconnecting and re-authorising the widget, to see if that perhaps triggers something. It’s worth a shot :)


    Yeah, I’ve done that three times now, but thanks for the suggestion. And again, Insta usually has no problem displaying video thumbnails in the widget. I’m wondering if the interface for that post is glitched.



    It’s entirely possible. We can only display the thumbnail image sent over in Instagram’s feed, and for some reason there isn’t one sent over for this.

    I think it’s just this post, but it would be good to know if it happens on the next video.


    It would. Now I’m curious, lol.

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