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    You’re welcome, jwbeta, glad to help. WP definitely hid the link.


    what new developments pls?


    it is a great pleasure to see your insights.


    Today i am glad to report the Indian supreme court gave a good taxation judgement on the basis of ‘pith and substance’ principle as indan revenue dept made wrong application of their own tax statutes sections on Mining of oils by ONGC when it paid to foreign contractor fees for mining of oils for ONGC, BUT tax charged under technical fees but it has to charge on mining of oils…that way indian supreme court did deliver a good judgement thanks to counsel dr arvind datar who represented ONGC…. I Will talk on this in my next block!


    I want to be positive but PLEASE give us back the old page. I have tried to be open minded but this new stats page is inferior in every way. It gives half the useful information the old one did. I just don’t like it at all



    I want to be positive but PLEASE give us back the old page.

    That is NOT going to happen. Moreover, and you can access the old stats pages quite easily if you prefer to use them. For locating the ways and means of accessing the legacy or classic pages for creating posts, editing posts, and viewing stats see here


    But where are the links ON THE PAGE – I have your links, but can’t find the links on the wp pages. Thanks!


    Oh boy – thanks. They really buried it… Thanks. This is SO depressing. I haven’t even seen any official explanation for why they ruined it.


    WP certainly did bury the link to the old Stats page, that’s why I made the blog post with screenshots.

    The answer is that it’s more mobile-friendly (supposedly) and my guess is that it’s less expensive.


    Less expensive? It’s certainly not more mobile friendly – having to try to find the links to the good stats page is a nightmare on mobile.



    I like the new insights. It provides data in a quick and easy way for me. The one thing I would request is to provide the ability to show a custom date range or allow us to go beyond a year. Thanks!



    It might just be me but my blog stats are not updating today for some reason. I’ve had a few “likes” but when I look at today’s Insights page, the stats all say “0”.



    Disregard previous post, it seems to be working now.



    Insights currently gives most popular day. Adding most popular 1, 2 or 3 hour period within the most day seems much better than providing most popular hour separately as is the case now. This more directly suggests a good time to post.

    Keep the most popular hour, but expand it to most popular hour per continent. This will help post targeting to various audiences.

    The insights section may also allow assessment per month and/or year. stats gathered from years ago may be coloring seasonal changes.




    I agree with housefrau, I really don’t like the new stats page. It is MUCH less user friendly, I can’t find the information I’m looking for without a lot of work. I liked the way the old pages let me easily see my results for the day, week, month and year. The new one doesn’t help much at all. I would like to see my followers from each site and when they started following me and how much interaction we’ve had. I would like to see my posts ranked in numbers of likes. I would like to be able to figure out from looking back at my stats, which days (and so which posts) brought me the most views, likes, followers.


    The new stats page needs to be removed, right along with the new post editor or whatever you guys call it. It’s terrible.



    is there any new developments plz?



    How I can print my blog



    I was checking my stats – the numbers don’t seem to add up correctly. If I add up visitors for each day of this month, its more than “Insights” shows. I know I’ve had visitors who aren’t recorded because I’ve gotten comments from people in other countries & their country doesn’t show up.

    Also – I really don’t like “Insights”. I much prefer the old Stats page – it was much easier to read & offered more information. AND why did you hide the Logout button???

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