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    Delighted to hear the old stats page is not going to be removed (and sincerely hope the same applies to the old Notifications page). Still at a loss as to why so much time and effort has gone into trying to force us all on to a new page that is still less user-friendly. And a pity that only those of us who know how to get to the old pages can do it – loads of people never come to the forums. There should be an easy way to get to the old pages without bookmarking. Since they exist give everyone the option to use them easily. Then we can really know which most people prefer.



    fictionfanakaff – Well said.



    I am confused, when this “Insights” post was originally posted I went to my stats page or what ever page and immediately saw “Insights” at the top and was able to click on it.

    At that time I did not have time to thoroughly look at it, however now I have the time to see how it can work for my blog. I have scoured my stats pages and nothing, I cannot locate “Insights” anywhere. I must be missing something, please tell me where exactly it is located so that I can access this information again. It should not be that difficult to find and Access.

    Please let me know, I am anxious to make this information useful to my needs in posting, and forming a strategy.





    “Insights” only give you a couple of basic pieces of information that you already know, like # of posts and most hourly hits etc.
    The old stats page can be found in your dashboard now under stats.
    They are constantly changing things and not informing the users of these changes.



    Like many, I preferred the old stats page and said so in the surveys. I must be missing it, but I can’t find the all-time summaries under the new page or insights. So I appreciate that from this discussion I can now bookmark the URLs I need. But I would prefer that the old stats, such as all-time, were still visible on the main pages.


    The “new, too-blue” Stats page does not even have the time listed. Something as basic as that is missing.

    #2400553 has made using this website painful to use. When I visit ‘My Sites’ I was fine with being able to pick them from a list, but now it just goes to my default blog and I have to Click ‘My Sites’ AGAIN to select the blog I actually want. Why? Why? WHHHHHYYYY!!!!!?????@!?!@?

    I’m fine with change, but can we just go back to post 2013 WordPress because this new nonsense is just that…nonsense.



    I vote for everything back to classic.
    All new changes involve cutting away information.

    In general, there is less information on the screen. Everything is getting bigger and you have to scroll around a lot to get an overview of your stats. I actually have a bookmark that sends me to the classic stats page.

    WordPress used to be great but everything seems to get numbed down. Roll back your changes to the classic layouts, I don’t think many people would complain.



    If any staff is following this thread then please be so kind as to post the link to the old stats page I cannot stand the new version it does not make things better at all. I wonder what purpose it is suppose to solve???



    Everytime I start to think about paying for the service they do something like this with no notification makes me wonder how much better it would be. The software is constantly changing and the editor it’s getting harder to work with. And if you used to new Editor you lose some of your categories.


    The old Stats Page, with the map is

    You can find a link to it through the classic Dashboard in the Stats module, called “View All”. I made a blog post with screenshots and other info:


    “… stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken.”

    + stop act like children (big hello to Jonathan Sadowski) and reject critical comments to all your “improvements” in appropriate articles. This is disgusting.

    “Dashboard” section has “Site Stats” subsection. Please, connect it with old good Stats Page.

    WP has three different stats pages now. One – the most visible and obtrusive – for mobile users. The second – “Site Stats” tab within the “Dshboard/WP Admin” section – a very strange and uncomplete page. The third – a normal old stats page which had to be bookmarked now.



    those of you who are looking for the old stats page:
    dandelionsalad has very good guidelines. Thanks again dandelionsalad


    Glad they helped you, procogen, and thank you for the compliment. Hope they help others, too.



    Obviously many other bloggers share my opinion about the new stats page. The old one was so much easier to read, had all the info I wanted right there, and with one easy click I could see the daily, weekly, and monthly stats all together. Now I can’t even find a calendar chart which was what I used the most. I voted for the old page every time I logged on, and much prefer to go back to it.

    Please restore the old stats page!



    Another thing. I don’t like the new editor set up either. Why “fix” something that isn’t broke?



    Another thing. I don’t like the new editor set up either. Why “fix” something that isn’t broke?



    To chime in on the discussion…

    Having played around a little in GitHub, I do enjoy the Posting Activity punch card. I check the Insigths page just for that. :)

    However, I still revert to because I still prefer (or I’m simply used to) the full-page stats, and I really like having access to the raw numbers on

    About the Most popular day and hour information, I find it interesting, but it seems to assume that every blogger wants to maximize their reach or what not. I think it can be a great motivator for those who strive to follow a posting schedule, but conversely, it can be redundant for those who want to write without aggressively trying to push their stats.



    thank you to dandelion salad, I was going crazy looking for my all time stats, which don’t seem to exist on the new stats page.

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