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    I have a question: When will WP be removing the old Stats Page with the map located at



    I have a question: When will WP be removing the old Stats Page with the map located at

    There are no plans to remove that page at this time.

    However, it is also worth noting that the map also exists on the new stats page, under the days, weeks, months and years tabs.


    That does not sound like a Jetpack related issue. I suggest talking to your hosting provider.

    It`s OK Now! Thanks!


    Thanks, rootjosh, for answering my question. In previous discussions about the “new” and “old” and “very old” Stats Pages, I thought someone from WP said that the “old” one would be eliminated but not the “very old” (located through wp-admin).

    I don’t use either the “new” or “old” ones with the maps.


    Not a fan of Insights. I prefer the old stats page for its overall simplicity and the excellent ‘summaries’ – I know this version is still viewable but that’s a pain to have to bookmark just to get the features I need and enjoy. WP these days is so unwieldy. Why the rebrand to ‘Insights’ when ‘stats’ worked fine? Sorry to gripe at the grafters behind the scenes, I love WP since I joined in 2011 but it’s definitely become less user-friendly imo.


    In the old version of blog statistics, you had a convenient summaries page that showed average views for the week and total views for the month in an easy to read grid. Did you completely do away with that in the new version of stats, or is it hiding? I loved seeing the monthly totals in retrospect to previous months, as well as the daily average of the week compared to previous weeks. It showed the percentage of increase or decrease in views and all sorts of helpful information. The new version doesn’t give me enough information. Please tell me that those summaries are still there somewhere, or if they aren’t, that you are going to add them back in.


    Please bring back the old stats page- what I loved about it was that I got a nice big bar chart with my views, list of the posts viewed, the countries and relevant info underneath. It was easy on the eye and now we have atiny bar chart I can’t see well, endless scrolling and having to flip between pages to see details on my views. Why do IT people have to fiddle with what was a perfect format? Most people like the old stats page- so please bring it back and have a link to the new one, for the minority who prefer the new one.



    Jonathan Sadowski RE. Google Chrome not showing Posting Activity at the top of the page.

    Please respond to my Jun 2, 2015, 9:15 PM answers to your questions of me. I posted my answers here because your server rejected my email reply.

    In brief, PC: yes–HP Touchscreen Notebook. Posting Activity displays in IE [browser].

    I hope to receive your reply soon.




    Hi James,

    Thanks for the information. We’re researching the issue. Would you mind creating a new thread about the issue so that we can keep any back and forth we need to have in one place?


    Please bring back the old stats page – it looks like the links to it have been removed, which makes getting to it from mobile really difficult. It’s so much better than the new mangled one in every way. Thank you!



    I understand that everyone wants WordPress to evolve, and that “most” of the same information is on the new stats page. However, the layout and accessibility of the new stats page is not very well organized, nor user friendly. The ‘Summary’ page is no where to be found.

    The old stats page was very concise, well organized, less confusing, and very accessible. I use my WordPress blog as a site for my business. I check my stats several times daily. There is information I need to have quick access to that I can’t even find anymore. Daily, weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.

    Please either bring the old one back or reformat the new one. I realize WP is a free platform, and that we users are at the mercy of whomever is in control of formatting, but I know I’m not the only one. There are many. Please listen to your users.


    Adam Crohn



    PS, having to access a separate page to see the classic stats page is exactly what’s wrong with the new one. We shouldn’t have to do that to see the information we need to see.


    Actfitness – I could not agree more – I have yet to hear the motivation for wrecking the old stats and replacing it with this mess. Please please please bring back the old interface – not just links to pages, but the whole functioning thing.



    The Insights page is just another monkey wrench into the entire thing. Claiming to have listened to us, only to change your change once again, is not what people are wanting. Now, there’s not even a link on the new, cluster bombed stat page and we’ve had to figure out how to access the old page ourselves.

    I know I’m not the only one who gave the feed back when asked, “Why do you prefer the old stat page?”. Just throwing items into another scroll heavy, eye bleeding design of another menu is not the answer. Allowing us to use the old stat page if we so choose is.

    Insights is not user friendly at all. It’s not even a welcome addition. Reading the flood of posts on the forums should be an indication I don’t only speak for myself.


    Yes. I really have yet to hear any rationale for why WP is so obsessed with wrecking what worked really well. Is there some group of users who were clamoring for a stats page that doesn’t work properly?


    Lollipop for Android and now the new stats page. bleh.

    At least I can still get to the old stats page from the WP admin page.

    I just shortcutted it on my desktop.

    Please don’t ever take that away – it is such a more comprehensive lineup of useful information than the new stats page.

    Count me with those who gave feedback EVERY TIME in favor of the old stats page. Sure would like to see the stats for those feedback votes!!!

    So while I’m glad I can still access the old stats, alas, Lollipop is here to stay . . .


    Would you all popularize my blog, ?



    I am just so frustrated with it, because it does not work efficiently on my end. I read some of these comments, that tell me, I should do this, or that, but it was “user friendly” now it is not. When I click the stats, and then click a link that has activity it does not take me to the link. I hope someone will change it back. Because I miss the old way of doing it, and my thought is….if it was not broke why fix it? Please do not disregard this! I want my old stat page back… :-(



    Since going to the “insights” I have lost much of the information that I used to use like daily and monthly stats breakdown and the world map of all time hits Etc. Is this information still available or did WordPress just take away information I relied on.
    Is this loss of information going to continue?
    This would not be a issue if I was allowed to use google analytics. which is available in other plans.



    Please bring back the old stats page!

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