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    You’ve imposed the Cora theme on me. When viewing the dashboard it is almost illegible, the enitre page being set in the smallest known type.

    Open the blog in another window and all Cora’s fonts are massive and spacey compared with Cutline’s everyday reading sizes.

    Result – When you’re constantly toggling between views, you have to enlarge the browser to make the dashboard readable and reduce the browser size to make the blog itself look as little like a Janet & John schoolbook as possible!!!

    How about boosting the overall dashboard font size? Then calm down all the blog fontsizes. Headings are far too shouty.

    The blog I need help with is:


    @ontheliner Typographically and layout-wise, Coraline and Cutline are largely the same. There shouldn’t be any dramatic differences in font sizes.

    If you can provide screenshots of what you’re seeing that will help us quickly diagnose the problem. I’ve sent you an email as well, if you’d like to reply back that way.

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