Infinite Scroll – works logged in but not as a visitor

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    I have the Re-Balance theme.

    When logged in, infinite scroll works on the home page or any other applicable page.

    When logged out and visiting, it does not do infinite scroll. The home page shows 14 posts. If I edit settings to show 10 posts or 100 posts, the post loaded on the home page does not change but remains at 14.

    When I disable infinite scroll, the “Load Page” button appears BUT only shows up once to load another 14 posts (28 total displayed) and does not appear again to load additional posts.

    What am I missing to make infinite scroll work outside of being logged in?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there!

    I had a look at your site and, since you’re displaying only 14 posts on the homepage I can’t really see the issue. I was also unable to reproduce it on my test site.

    Would you be able to set more posts to display on your homepage just so we can test it?
    Also, when checking your site while not logged in, are you using a different browser or device? If so, which one?




    When you visited, the setting was at 10 posts and despite that, the homepage shows 14 posts.

    I’ve changed it now and set it at 25 posts, and despite that, the homepage still shows 14 posts.

    I’ve visited the site, not logged in through Firefox and Chrome through the laptop and still experience the same problem of no infinite scrolling.

    I’ve just visited the site through Edge which I did not try before and infinite scrolling DOES work properly!


    I’ve just visited your site via Chrome. Infinite scroll is working for me. I scrolled down past 100s of posts to 2016 and could probably have gone further if I’d tried.
    Perhaps you need to clear your browser cache etc?
    But perhaps you aren’t talking about as that uses the Rowling theme, not Rebalance.


    @wooskieatstv, try to clear the cache on Firefox and Chrome as @themagicrobot suggested.

    The infinite scroll seems to be working correctly on your site.



    Thanks but cache isn’t the cause as I’ve cleared those previously and I’ve cleared them again. It’s good that at least others are able to see the infinite scroll even though I can’t.

    It’s odd that when I disable infinite scroll and the load button appears, only an additional 14 posts load and the load button does not reappear to load additional posts.



    Ok, please try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    Please let us know how each step goes for you, and which browser (and version of) you’re using if you’re still having trouble.




    On Firefox 70.0.1, I disable the browser extensions and add-ons. Still the same 14 posts load as a visitor and nothing else appeasr but logged into the account, infinite scroll works.



    Another quirk found using in Chrome and Firefox but not Edge:

    When I click on the Chicago category which has about 80 posts, the page loads with 14 posts. There is nothing to indicate additional Chicago posts exists.

    When I type in “Chicago” in the search function, a page loads with 25 Chicago posts along with a “Older Posts” button. (25 posts per page is the current posts setting). When I click on Older Posts, the page refreshes with 25 older posts along with an “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” buttons.

    In Edge, clicking on the Chicago category, all 80 posts appear infinite scroll style. When I type Chicago into search, it loads 25 post per page with the older posts and newer posts buttons.


    I’ve been doing some further testing and I might have found something. I noticed that the infinite scroll does not work correctly when an ad-blocking extension on my browser is active. Once I deactivate it and reload the page, it loads fine.

    Could you please confirm that you’re using an adblocker with your browser? If so, does disabling it help?



    Thank you. That did the trick!



    Great to hear!

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