Individual prices based on quantity (not governed by discount rules)

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    Hello. I’d like to kindly ask about the suggestion. I have a simple task but cannot find a solution.

    We build our store on Woocommerce

    Our supplier will be providing us with the csv file with all the product assortment and prices. The catch is that each product has 3 different prices depending on the order quantity. For example 1 unit costs 10.99, 2 – 9 units – 9.99,10 units and more – 8.99.

    I cannot set the global discount rules because the discount varies and it is not permanent. Those variables are individual for each product.

    Is there a way to import products with all these prises set and show and calculate them properly on the website.

    Here is the example of how it must work


    Hi there,

    If you have WooCommerce installed on a Business Plan or have a paid WooCommerce extension on a self-hosted site you can open a ticket while logged into your account at:

    But, if your site is self-hosted and built using the open software, you’ll need to seek assistance from their forums which can be found at:

    These forums are for hosted websites. If you want to know the difference between the two, you can find more information in this document:

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