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    Please I need help resolving this google search console error on my site
    The error says some pages have been ‘Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt’.
    Any help would be of great assistance.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, a number of WordPressdotcom users are reporting this issue and you can read more about it in this thread:

    The short answer is that if you have set your site’s visibility to Public, Google is correctly crawling and indexing your site’s content.


    Thank you so much for responding @justjennifer.

    I have gone through the thread from the link you sent me. For mine, I tested the 2 pages having the error message and there was no part of the robots.txt that was blocking it. And they didn’t give me more information on what to do. Should I still ignore?



    Hi there, I missed your reply. To the best of my knowledge, the areas mentioned in the Google reports are areas “behind the scenes” so people searching for your site don’t need them nor could they access them even if they appear in Google search results. The short answer, you can still ignore it.

    If you have concerns that the areas are public facing pages you can add the links here.

    For more information on “indexed, but blocked” here’s a link to Google’s own help pages. Scroll down to Warning

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