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    …hrm, maybe not a problem, exactly, but I have recieved several incoming googlelinks from blogs that DO NOT link to any of my blogposts? Pretty odd, and I am wondering if anybody else is experience the same thing?


    I still got the same thing going on …. since yesterday, 24 h ago, I have recieved 27 incoming links. one of these are for real. The others are only links from a ordinary blogroll in the margin.

    Usually I have about 5-15 incoming links/month. Now its 27/day….thats a remarkable change, or…?


    This has been happening on my blog too. I hope this is just a glitch that will soon be fixed because the way incoming links is working right now isn’t helpful at all.


    But maybe it hasn´t anything to do with wordpress? Could it be google?


    Oh it’s Google Blog Search. I just ran my blog there and it says I only have 41 linking to me. Yeah right. But Google has lots of issues. There are many topics in the forum about them.



    It’s definitely Google. I’m getting the same thing. They know that their rankings are screwed up when it comes to WP blogs, so perhaps they’re doing some repairs. I’d expect those posts that do not link to you may have at one time and perhaps have been edited since then or something. I know for a fact that the blogs that are showing on mine DO link to me from time to time, whether or not there is a link in that particular post.



    It is so frustrating, I am a recent blogger but have a lot of links back to my blog via various feeds – the links appear for a moment and then disappear… Google did a recent upgrade, wonder if that is the problem? Also, Stats don’t work for me in IE 7 – tried on two different PC’s and the stats graph doesn’t display completely.


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