In stats, re-label "Home page / Archives" if site uses static front page

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    If your site uses a static front page, your stats can be a little confusing. There are two entries that appear in stats, both appearing to be for your home page.

    The first entry is the name of your static front page, and this links to the page, which of course then redirects to your site root, as it’s set as the front page.

    There’s then a second entry for “Home page / Archives”. This links to your site root, even though the number actually represents visits to your *posts* page, and associated blog pages, such as a category view.

    Naturally, this is a bit unclear.

    So for a site with a static front page, my suggestion is this: Label posts page/archive views as the name of the assigned “posts” page, rather than “Home page / Archives”.

    So for example, in our case, our posts page is titled “Blog” so the stats entry would be:

    Blog / Archives

    And clicking it would take you to the posts page (

    I think that would eliminate any confusion about which stats entry refers to home page visits, for sites with a static front page. I know other site owners who had the same query as me.

    The only possible drawback I can think of is that if, as we did, we switched from “blog as home page” to static front page, your blog stats would become split under two different entries, on the day you switched. You’d have…

    — Home page / Archives
    — Blog page / Archives

    But only for the one day on which you switched, so I think it would be absolutely fine.

    All the best,

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    James, to add to your suggestion, I would suggest additionally that category and monthly archive views be broken apart. Currently, if someone views the home page and all monthly archives, it says home page archives got 6 views, but it should say the home page got 1 view, April 2014 got 1 view, March 2014 got 1 view, February 2014 got 1 view, January 2014 got 1 view, and December 2013 got 1 view.

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