In Expound, my recent comment widget doesn't work at all.

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    I searched on this, and a forum post came up implying that some kind of recent problem with the “recent comments” widget had been fixed.

    I just switched to Expound, and the recent comment widget doesn’t work at all. The recent comments are listed in the sidebar (as links, not full text), but clicking on them never brings you to the comment. Usually you get lost somewhere in the middle of the post the comment was in. I’m leaving the widget up, in case a support or forum volunteer wants to check it out, but it’s a little embarrassing to have there since it’s so non-functional.

    I’ve never used this widget in the past but I’d really like to now! Is there a workaround? Is this a new bug? Should I have posted this under the Themes category?

    Thanks for any info…

    The blog I need help with is


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    It looks like the problem is fixed? I can see and use the “Recent Comments” widget on your blog.



    Thanks for checking! So strange, when I first read your reply this morning the widget still wasn’t working at all for me, but now it’s working great…Must have been a temporary glitch. Or maybe a support angel went in and fixed something. Either way, I’m very happy it’s working.
    Thanks for all your help on these forums!



    I can’t get any rss widgits to work with the Expound theme. I’ve tried the regular WP widgit for posts/comments, the Jetpack rss widgit, and the RSS Multi-Import widgit. None of them are working.



    Since this thread came up again, I may as well follow up on my original problem:

    the recent comments widgit in Expound started working shortly after I opened this thread, but only for the 6-comment setting.

    I later expanded the settings for “recent” to include 8 comments, and those last two comment links didn’t and still don’t (usually) work – when I click on them, I land someplace inside the post the comment is in, but not on the comment itself… I think it may be the case that if I keep refreshing, the link may eventually work, but readers won’t do that, so essentially it doesn’t work.

    I’d like to have even more than 8 recent comments in that widgit, actually, but there’s no point if they won’t work…

    (The same thing also happens with my blog’s internal ‘jumps’ – links I’ve made to other points in my blog… so the two problems might be related. But since the first 6 recent comment links now always work, I really hope some kind of tech magic can fix my other non-functioning links too!)

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