Impossible recovery: email lost

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    After years of non use, the hotmail email address that I used for my blog got deleted, and as I now try to reconnect to my account, none of the passwords worked, and neither the password recovery (since the email address no longer exists) nor the account recovery works (same issue, I can’t look for the activation code or link in a non existing address).
    My blog is, it means a lot to me and I would be so grateful if you helped me get it running again.

    Thank you,



    I am afraid if you do not have access to the email and do not have the proof of ownership, there’s nothing much that can be done.

    Sorry for no good news.



    Thank you for the feedback.

    All proofs I’ve came across involve in one way or another accessing to the email, which in my case no longer exists. Is there any other verification method ? I can provide the email address, if it’s still in the database then it should be possible to check if it’s the right one.

    I’m desperate to get the blog back… But if eventually nothing works, is there a change WordPress never deletes it after so much time of inactivity ?

    Thank you


    Hi Aahd,

    If you no longer have access to the account email address or any proof of ownership, we won’t be able to help you recover the site. I appreciate you would really like to recover it but we can only accept certain pieces of information for security reasons.



    Wow Aahd,

    I completely understand how frustrating something like this can be! You know, by coincidence, I came across a forum question somewhat similar to yours where the user wanted to reclaim an old blog (in fact, her blog was completed deleted, so you may be a bit better off).

    Here is a link to the forum:

    I mention this in case there is a small glimmer of hope. She actually used an old forum thread where she referred to her deleted blog in the post and it became obvious that it belonged to her.

    Anyway, I hope that maybe my post was able to assist you and was helpful. If all is indeed lost, you could always try to just clone the website because at least it is still up. There is software out there that allows you to clone any website ( ^_^ there may be a few broken links here or there, but you should be fine). There is always hope if you try to look on the bright side of things.

    ;) Don’t let this ruin your day and have a great one!



    Hi Jubilee,

    The thread you mentioned is related to recycling blog names rather than recovering access to an active site. In this case, the account recovery options I mentioned are the only way forward.



    Hi Gemmacevans,

    Thanks for the info. :) At least it was a try! Given that the other forum referred to the lady also not having access to her email, I thought it could at least be helpful even if the issues were slightly different. Hopefully, Aahd can still make use of other info in my post, such as cloning his website. ^_^

    Thanks again for updating us,



    Jubilee — No problem, I appreciate you trying to find a solution :)

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