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    All my new WordPress site import page states is ‘in progress’ but nothing is actually happening and not a SINGLE post from Tumblr has appeared on WordPress. Is it actually going to DO anything, or is it just going to sit there ALL WEEK and do NOTHING? How do you stop the process and use another method to complete the import, because the built in one doesn’t work.


    “In progress” doesn’t have to mean your content is importing. You are probably still in an (extremely long) queue.
    See the sticky at the top of this page:
    The original 24 hours wait message has been crossed out and it now says:

    At this point we are unable to provide an estimate on how long it might take for queued imports to complete. Our importer is processing thousands of posts a minute, but the backlog is very big so please be patient – it might be a few days before your import will start once it’s queued.

    Important note.Please read these links:
    Mature content
    User guidelines
    Copyright and fair use


    Okay, but how do you keep things connected? Leave the browser open, keep your computer on all week? If I close the window and turn off the computer, what happens? I realise this will probably never work because of what Tumblr has done so I might just find another site, though EVERY site in the WORLD is going to be like this now.


    And what does mod look and tumblr import mean? HELP! You’re talking to someone who DOESN’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING.



    Hi there,

    Okay, but how do you keep things connected? Leave the browser open, keep your computer on all week?

    You can close your browser or turn off your computer and the import will continue running.

    And what does mod look and tumblr import mean?

    Those are the tags which have been added to this thread. “tumblr import” has been added as this thread is regarding an import of a Tumblr blog to

    “modlook” has been added to request staff attention, as they can check if your import is still in the queue. It probably is though, so all that can be done right now is to be patient, due to the queue which @themagicrobot mentioned.


    Great, thanks, I get that. But my real concern is that this is NEVER going to happen because there are posts on here from people who have already been WAITING OVER FIVE DAYS so given the Tumblr time limit, the ONLY way to move posts is to move them manually. I don’t know what happens on December 17th, there may not be any Tumblr posts LEFT to import. That’s the likely outcome of this, because MILLIONS of people are doing EXACTLY the same thing, and WP simply cannot cope. That’s just a fact and nothing anyone says will change that. I’d rather WP were just honest and said “it’s not going to work” rather than make people wait a week, by which time it’s TOO LATE to manually copy posts over. The sooner people realise that the better. Which is why I’m writing but, because nobody else seems to be. Telling people to “wait” it frankly a waste of precious time.



    There have been a huge influx of Tumblr imports, but it’s misleading to say that the importer doesn’t work – imports will work successfully if you give it time to run, as it has done for lots of users. Some imports have completed the same day, others haven’t even started after a while, but they’ll all eventually import once they get down the queue. Right now, encouraging people to be patient is the best and only thing to do, whilst staff can confirm if it’s in the queue, as it clarifies the delay which people are experiencing. Please be patient and review what @themagicrobot has written before me.


    I really don’t want to argue, but I REALLY DON’T HAVE SIX DAYS TO WAIT because by that time, there’ll be NOTHING left to import. Better I move things now, because it will take me at least the entire WEEK of doing this and NOTHING else, to get the posts moved over before Tumblr delete my account. So wait if you want, but there’s no guarantee it will happen in the time you have left,and given that millions of people have been waiting OVER a week, it’s irresponsible to blindly tell people to wait, because you’re depriving them of the opportunity to actually help themselves. By the time they realise it’s too late, all of their posts will have been wiped. There’s no escaping that fact.



    Whilst I do disagree, I don’t wish to argue either as that’s going to achieve nothing but push your thread down the “modlook” queue, but staff will be able to see your feedback when reviewing this thread. :)


    I see your import has been successful. I suggest you mark your site mature following the link I gave you above IMMEDIATELY.


    So marked, but actually, it HASN’T been successful as I’ve been manually copying posts over as I can’t wait six weeks for WP to do it.



    You can use Tumblr2wordpress to export your tumblr into an XML file and upload it to wordpress that way. But be warned even that alternative doesn’t seem to work well, as WordPress seems to only want to import half of the post. So say you have 4,100 or so post wordpress will only upload like 3,600 of the post. Say you have 800 post. WordPress will only upload 400.




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