Important resource site having import/ domain name problems

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    This is not about my own site, but about a (relatively) new site (not mine):

    old url of the new site was
    Loop-Manipulation Braiding Research and Information Center (aka L-MBRIC)

    Its new WP site is:

    That long-established older site contained very important historical and current ethnology information not available anywhere else in the world (some content) while other content is only available Japan – in Japanese and scattered in various different print sources.

    The owner was Masako Kinoshita, who is too infirm to manage the site now. Her daughter apparently attempted to import this very important resource site into a site a couple of years ago, but didn’t manage to get it all the way over. Also apparently let the old domain name expire.

    I only found this out recently, as the old links were all working until a few months ago. Now all the links to that important information from my own site don’t work anymore! Or anyone else’s of course.

    I have now managed to reach the daughter, June Kinoshita, and she wishes she hadn’t let the old domain name expire. Is there a way for her to regain it? and access to its content so she can continue to migrate the content over to the new WordPress site???

    Thanks for any help and advice.



    The domain wasn’t registered through us, so we won’t be able to play any part in recovering it.

    Based on what you’re saying I think what would be most important is to recover access to the site’s content hosted under that domain.

    Per it looks like the domain may have been hosted with Yahoo! Small Business. If so, their support can be reached at



    @macmanx THank you! I will forward this to the daughter.



    Update: How to use the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive to import an old site?

    I have been in touch with the daughter, Yahoo will not do anything without a verbal authorization from her mother over the phone, which can’t happen until she next travels to visit her mother (assuming her mother will still be able to talk at that point). Meanwhile she is thinking of trying to use the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” to import the content to the new WordPress site. The old site seems to be well-archived there. I did some of that myself a few years ago, and it looks like others have as well.

    How does that work to import from the Internet Archive?



    You won’t be able to use it to import the site, but if you find the site under you’ll at least be able to copy/paste the content.



    I volunteered to help with this task, so the daughter has invited me to be a contributor or something on the new wp site (I need to get a new email address first, though, so I can have a different avatar from that of my own blog).

    She also just got access to all her mother’s files relating to the original site’s content from her mother’s computer and put them into Google docs and shared them with me. All the text files are word files (I haven’t yet found the image files to see what form they are in.) I can’t view them on Google docs, but I downloaded one to look at it. It has formatting etc that I doubt would come through if I just copied and pasted it into a WP editor page. This seems like it would be a can of worms to recreate the original website from a bunch of word docs.

    Also, I don’t see any way to import the files directly to the wp site – most of them aren’t even readable/ no “preview” allowed in Google docs, I seemingly would have to download them one by one to my computer in order to even look at them and upload them to the wp site.

    Is there any way around this? Is there some way to upload a word file to a WP site from Google docs without downloading it to my computer first? Do you think it would be easier to copy and paste from the site as it is saved on the Wayback Machine, or to use the word/Google doc files?

    Another question (sorry!): When I downloaded one of the many word files, my computer opened it in safe (non-editable) mode and warned me that it came from an internet file and might be unsafe to open. Is there any chance that a virus from the original site owner’s computer or something could slither in via these files? Sorry for so many questions…



    Yeah, you would have to copy and paste the content of the docs into new pages or posts, we don’t have a to directly import from that.

    I can’t really answer questions about Microsoft Word’s safe mode though, I recommend checking with their support on that.

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