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    I am just starting here, and have published 2 posts. In each post, I added an image that I positioned in the body of the post and resized to make them smaller. I did not add a feature image. However when I published, the image is duplicated at the top of the article, and is huge. I do not want the images to show up there at all, but if they must, then I want them smaller. How do I adjust that, given that I never placed them there to begin with, and they are much smaller already in the body of the post?

    I also want to have the image show up, small, beside the post on my homepage. Right now, only the post title and an excerpt shows up without the image. I tried adding a feature image, and it worked, but again, the image is massive and appears centred, at the top of my post, with no option to left or right align it to the text.

    Are these just restrictions with my theme that I’ll have to accept, or can I customize them (understanding I’m not savvy wtih HTML coding!).
    thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for under the Content Options section of your Customizer: :)



    Oh perfect, thank you! That is much better.
    The only thing missing now is the ability to add the image in a thumbnail size (or small-ish) beside the excerpt on my home page. Any ideas on that?



    There’s no direct way to change that, but it could be done via Custom CSS like:

    .featured-media a img, .featured-media img {
        max-width: 50%;

    and just adjust that percentage as desired.



    Oh ok, thanks. I don’t have that feature or know how to code that. Will have to leave it as is. thank you

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