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  • No one at WP is listening it seems. Rude, Arrogant and Insensitive!

  • The lack of advanced image editing is driving me nuts! I have to waste so much time on hand coding to get borders and spacing right, time that I have to pass on to my client – not a happy man.
    Is this just a reflection on the way of the world? Remember the days when documentaries used to be interesting and informative? And now they last 5 mins with 25 mins of reviewing what’s to come and what you’ve just seen. Just one more step to dumbing down the world.
    Please, please, please bring back advanced editing.

  • Another vote for leaving it alone.

    I can no longer post using my iPad. The old method was simple: Add Media>click the photo you want>Insert to post. Why in the world would you change this? I don’t want to be able to drag the size of my photo. I want them to be the same from post to post without working at it.

    Can we get some code to use to replace the stupidness please?

  • Forgot to mention this another shining example of developers saying “look what I can do”, without bothering to find out if anybody actually wants the functionality.

  • @ apetcher
    quoting your quote from a staffer …

    For adding a border, that has been removed from the Media editing settings.

    Same thing they said about the More Colors option. Just, “we took that out.” To an extent, I don’t blame them for not explaining why. Too many millions would flock to another service and/or flood these boards.

    These and some other staff responses floating around seems to sum up most of what will be done about user complaints on this editor revision. In other words, “That’s the way it is now.”

    I think you’ve nailed it on the head that it is about (at least largely) conforming with the competition’s emphasis on “everything mobile.” I loved your Fat Pencil reference. (And it is on the wrong side of the image, forcing some people to have to often scroll right to get to it.)

    It’s also about dumbing down to the blindest denominator. And, as onyonet just said, it’s also about being cool, with flash before function.

  • I’m really disappointed in the changes to Editing Images, it’s really made my blog useless. I can’t do anything with the pictures.
    It wasn’t broken, why did they try to ‘fix’ it by making it so difficult and useless?
    Please WordPress, go back to the way it was, it was working fine.

  • Another editing function that seems to be missing is the ability to insert space between an image and its wrapped text. Remember the old “Advanced -> Styles” field? Where you would type “margin-right: 15px” (or left) to get the text to stop “touching” the image? Some templates don’t put in auto spacing between images and wrapped text, thus we need to keep this function, please. (I skipped from page 1 to page 4 of the comments, so forgive me if this was previously mentioned.)

  • Where are the new WP instructions on how to edit an image and deal with all these changes that were made? I’ve been trying to edit my image TOOLTIP for all my pictures and can’t find it anywhere now! Shouldn’t all the instructions be posted FIRST BEFORE making changes in the first place??

  • I’m also experiencing problems with the image editor. Not so much with the scaling, because I only do gallery of images, but now I can’t seem to incorporate text between my galleries. I know nothing about html or css, I was perfectly able to add all my images at once and then add the texts in between them just few days ago, but now I can’t. Anyone can help me with this issue?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  • @Cyperezblog

    I agree that Support Pages should be updated/added either before or at the same time when things are changed/updated/added/removed/et cetera.

    Also I think that there are some older features/widgets/et cetera that still do not have Support Pages at all (even some things that have been out for more than a year), maybe you could create one or more Topics here at the forums listing Support Pages that you think should be updated and/or created, because I am thinking about doing so in the future if I can inspire myself to do so. ;)

    -John Jr

  • @johnjronline

    I think the worse part about WP is they give no indication whether or not they are working on an issue. They give no guidance on how to “work” things they’ve changed, and they tend to come across as unconcerned about our blogging experience and very unprofessional. Whether you pay for the services or not doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    It just shows a level of unprofessionalism when you’ve chosen to use their service. It’s pathetic when you go to sit at your desktop to blog like any other day and find all these major changes that were made overnight with no warning whatsoever and no instructions either. I’ve tried to figure out one simple thing ever since this happened and I still can’t figure it out. It’s just rude in my opinion. I’ll never understand it. No one at WP wants to address it, so they all keep quiet for the most part and we all end up talking to each other and getting nowhere basically. I think they want everyone to just suck it up and deal with it.

    If you notice, sometimes when reading other threads on the forums, you’ll see some of the volunteers and staff commenting on other threads coming through in real time but they’ve continued to ignore your comments/thread while at the same time commenting on threads before and after yours. It’s quite sad to say the least because all you want is help.

  • @Cyperezblog

    I think that it is good that you shared that and how you feel about it, and I am glad that this topic has not been closed yet; and so I would like to thank WordPress for letting us express our opinions here, and maybe some positives things will be done based on our feedback eventually as they read our posts here and our posts around the forums/et cetera.

    I think that it is usually good when more people come together to share their opinions publicly instead of just keeping it to themselves because having more people share their opinions publicly probably increases the chance(s) that some of our suggestions/bug reports/et cetera might/may be taken more seriously instead of being ignored and/or put on the Low Priority List/X-Files :D Indefinitely, and it probably gives everyone/them a better idea of how the average person/user feels/thinks/reacts/et cetera to various changes/additions/removals/et cetera.

    It is nice to see so many people coming together here and around the forums to express their opinions together, regardless of whether anyone responds or not, and regardless of whether any of their/our suggestions/bug reports/et cetera are added/fixed or not. :) (If that sentence even made sense, I probably made some grammar mistakes there, hehehe :D )

    -John Jr

  • Please, get the advanced options back.

  • By way of constructive suggestion, WP, I’ll be brief: Return the Advanced Settings that you removed from the image editor. While you’re at it, just return every feature you removed. Not one of your changes makes things better or simpler for WP users. (If you want the longform, you’ll find it on my blog.)

  • Add me to the list of people who want the percentages option back. I sometimes add 4-5-10 images in a post and I want them all to be the same size… how can one possibly use the drag feature and do it manually in all? Also I wan the images clickable so that they open in a *new* window in full size. Earlier a small check box used to take care of that. How do I find that now?

  • Hello,

    This message was translated by software translate (I’m french).

    I want to tell you that I do not appreciate the changes in image editor

    The new version is much less convenient, and many options (frame, new tab) are no longer available.

    This is very regrettable.

  • Also, WP, it’s not just those of us who’ve found the time to comment here who are complaining… since I mentioned the issue briefly on one of my blogs, I’ve had queries from other WP bloggers. Including some using mobile devices, so if it really is intended to help them, it ain’t working.

    No responses from anyone WP, I note, since the one which got people riled up…

  • So they still haven’t done anything about this, eh? Not even really addressed our concerns? That’s a shame. But letting the front page of the forum fill up with spam so this gets pushed to page 2, that’s okay then? :P

  • Good lord. I awake this morning to 8 new versions of the same plea. The lack of dialogue from anyone involved with the decision to remove features is a mystery to me. Is this some kind of social experiment?
    Are we all tilting at windmills?
    This isn’t life or death in importance, but as such, why can’t it just be addressed, resolved, and let people’s attention return to their creative endeavors? How many pleas for help will be enough to inspire a response that isn’t simply dismissive?

  • I couldn’t agree more with all the bloggers crying “if it ain’t broke …!” Taking away the ability to carefully position images in relation to text with margins, borders, sizes via the Advanced Settings is worse than pointless. It renders many people’s blogs unable to be added to in a visually consistent way. People use WordPress because we’re NOT coders, if we could all code we’d be setting up our blogs independent of blogging sites. Please give us back the features we’ve relied on to make our blogs representative of us – the content of what we post will be vastly inferior if we have to spend all our time working out how to put a margin on an image or how to make a green that isn’t gaudy. Sincerely. Don’t take away something that helped all of us to present our words in the best way possible.

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