I’m blocked in akismet!

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    Apparently, I’ve been blocked by Akismet.

    When ever I post, IN ANY BLOG, my comment gets marked as spam. I’m pretty sure it’s the username. Cause I can register at small blogs and still get blocked.

    What am I supposed to do? It’s really a problem for me.


    Go to http://akismet.com/contact/ and tell them about it. Give the URL of your blog and your email address so they can de-spam you.



    http://podz.wordpress.com/ Follow the instructions there.



    There’s nothing from Akismet side… (Aka they don’t seem to have marked me somehow.)

    And my comments still won’t show up. Do WordPress have a pre-installed spam-filter besides Akismet?

    I’m seriously wondering what’s the problem.


    No, it is akismet only. Go to my blog, http://opposablethumbz.wordpress.com/ and leave a comment so I can see what is happening to it.



    I left a comment on: Mac OS X Snow Leopard first impressions.


    You did get caught by akismet so you will have to contact them.



    I already did. And they said that they haven’t listed me somehow.

    May it be the IP that Akismet catches?


    IP’s aren’t unique anymore, so no they don’t block by IP.

    Contact them again and tell them you commented on my blog (give them the URL) and you were caught by akismet. I approved your comment so it is no longer in the spam queue, but I suspect they can still check it out.



    Honestly, there’s really not much we can do about it here-it’s an Akismet problem, not a WordPress.com problem.

    Just keep making comments and if they don’t appear on the blog you’re commenting on, then contact the blog owner and ask them to fish it out of their Spam comments. This is how Akismet (the program) learns. Also contact Akismet directly, as thesacredpath suggested.

    (FWIW-I looked at the podz website and didn’t see any comment from you there, at least not under the username you’re using here.)



    I’m using the same name.

    But I’m pretty much sure that you guys have helped me as good as you can. So…



    Sorry for double post but.

    Akismet has now fixed the problem. I can now post without problems.


    That’s great.



    Good news indeed. Nothing worse than finding you’re on the hot list when you shouldn’t be. (BTDT)

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